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Almost finished. Next step is to machine a RealSteel upper for it.


Systema PTW MAX M16A4 w/M4 outer steel barrel

Samurai SIR

Samurai flipup

RS PRI gasblokk

RS Eotech 552

RS Surefire M951C

RS vertical frontgrep

RS Magwell

RS Magpul stock with electronics inside

7.4v LI-PO batteri inside the sling.



Wow...very impressive...very, very impressive.





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TOP M-60E3 Shorty (DX? its practically full metal)

Real steel tray cover

Custom milled feed tray (replaces worm screw thing)

Custom feed system (M249 tube style)

Custom Electric Box Magazine (6,400 or so rounds)

Real M-60 ammo pouch

Chrome inert 7.62s

Piston setup

9.6v aug battery

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I wouldn't actually pay 1K USD for a gun like that.


probably not. .but you also probably have no appreciation or understanding of the amt of work required to make a realistic HK SP89 either. Many airsoft gunsmiths have tried it. . and all they come up with is a MP5k w/ SP89 forend. Not even close to what a real SP89 looks like. This is the ONLY airsoft version that is dead on to it's steel counterpart.

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Not quite, what you need to do is get rid of the "Made In Japan" now  :P


Just messing, it's still very nice  :D


LOL. . that's possible. .if I can get ahold of what the real one says. .I can make a mold of the stamping. . .cast it and replace the "Made in Japan". (too much work)


but hey. .I DID get rid of the ASGK on the MC51 lower receiver. .

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I wouldn't actually pay 1K USD for a gun like that.


Neither would I, but that doesn't mean I dont appreciate the ammount of effort it took. There are certainly a few in this thread that I would.


I may be joining this club myself if I can find the money to do what I want with the M15 that I just bought.

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