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Easily over 1k, Its in other threads but deserves to be in this one too.







EOTech 552 NVC military

Surefire M951 with xm06 pressure switch kit

Surefire FM33 Infrared filter

Star S-LAP laser

King Arms MRE Full set

CA Crane Stock

Guarder M-16 Series Vortex Flash Hider

Guarder Tactical Flip Up Rear Sight

Tango Down Rail covers (1 normal, 1 with pressure switch pocket)

Tango Down vertical battlegrip

VLTOR sling end plate


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The cleaner, how much did that WA2000 go for? My friend is curious.


the Geneth WA2000s retailed for about $1800..ended up selling it for $1k


There's really nothing needed to upgrade it other than a stiffer spring and tightbore barrel. . all the internals(piston, spring guide, cylinder, nozzle, etc) and trigger unit (steel sears throughout) are already CNCed alloy/metal.


It wasn't a bad gun despite it's basically an expensive APS. . still waaay cheaper than an Asahi WA2000. And if you can't afford or FIND an Asahi, the Geneth is a nice piece.

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Nice Aaron. . .you did the 8mm MG3 drum conversion eh? I'm trying to keep my MG with the original WWII basket (.308?) I just need to find the right feed tray cuz there are no mounting provisions on the Shoei to attach the WWII MG34/42 drum.

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THe goal was to end up with a current issue MG3. Unfortunatly the gun did not work as advertised and was sold down to line to someone with more tinkering skills than I. I replaced the flash suppresor and the feed tray and was working towards MG3 sights and AA sights. It was a heavy beast, and if it had worked right I never would have sold it.

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The original WWII baskets are 8mm as where most of their long arms. You can convert RS MG42s to .308 pretty easily since the rounds are very similar. Really cost effective. I think the Israelis also converted a mass amount of German weapons to .308 after WWII as a lot of Nazi guns ended up there. Ironic I suppose. But lets not talk about real steel anymore.

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how about another?


CAW Schmeisser MP18 Bergmann..model gun converting to airsoft w/ Asahi MP40 BV ( have 9x MP40 mags that fit into the MP18)


LIMITED #95 of 200 produced







did I say LIMITED already?

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CA Base = G-36K

STAR SL-9 Conversion kit

Guarder metal airnozzel

Guarder metal Cylinder head

TN TB M16 barrel

TM Mp-7A1 Sights

PPA mag well adapter

Custom Piston O-ring

Hurricane metal piston

Systema Silent piston head V2

BIG OUT BOS Chip for v2+3


CA New type G36 hopup chamber

Angel Clear tappet plate

Systema Helical gearset

Systema Spring set

Systema Reinforced Ver 3 gearbox shell

Systema top binding plate

Systema Shim set

Smokey's G-36 Selector Plate RED version

TM Selector Switch set

Systema Metal Bushings

Guarder SP-85 Tune up Spring

Guarder Metal Spring guide for v 3

STAR Railed carry handle

STAR G-36-E Bbl extention "Crowned & Recessed" version

Spare TM G36 Magazine well

Laylax 8K Manunal winding box magazine

Aimpoint Replica

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Just got it back this morning after having it serviced (Im a bit rubbish with gearboxes and being nice to them) and upgraded to 328fps :). I think the final cost is around $1185 which I'm quite shocked at.




Ak-74 (sorry for the poor photo, I'm not to good with my camera yet :P ). I'm abit annoyed because quite a few companys are bringing cheaper models out..


Parts list:

G&P Ak-74 steel kit

Mauri 1000 motor

ICS Ver 3 gear box


Original TM Aks



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It's cool, actually, I give NM *beep* all the time, plus the inside joke is that he's using MY old camera. So it's just me giving him *beep* (i.e playing around).


I knew you were going to say something like that <_<


Now i feel like an *albatross* :mellow:


The only thing i can do to hold onto whatever little dignity i have left is apologise.


I'm sorry :(

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