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Multicam Pics!

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was searching for a multicam thread and found this, thought i'd tried to bring it back to life with my post. here is my multicam picture of me a day after i purchased the set. as for the gear it's being completely revised and switching to alot of Khaki, Desert Tan, and OD gear. as well as my "Multicam" paintjob on my rifle. next to me is wasted youf, he hates the multicam, notice the pain in his eyes.



Also the gear that was on me is as follows:


Pointblank IBA in woodland Camo

x4 SDS m4 CQB pouches

x2 hand grenad pouches

2x Canteen Pouches

OD quick release style Web belt

m12 holsters

Woodland Alice Pack Medium with frame

Alta woodland Knee Pads.


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I think you did a great job painting that rifle.


And I think the reason it looks a bit glossy is because of the gradients that are found in the real pattern. a gradient is when two colors slowly blend together next to eachother


It is almost impossible to hand paint a gradient into your rifle, so thats about the best it gets. Cheers on that paintjob.

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Thanks guys,

the colour is totally matt, it might look shiny cause it had

just been painted, oh and it was my first paintjob ever on a rifle. It

was a *badgeress* of a pattern to do, a hell of a lot of masking to do.

I airbrushed the whole thing, no paintbrushes involved.

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