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Multicam Pics!

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Ok better pictures,


My 1st and 2nd line with the new pouch's - Hope you like?




1st line still needs some work :P


1st Line

Blackwater IO Belt

ICE Tactical Suspenders

Gemtech Lanyard Coyote

Tactical Tailor E&E Pouch w/ "Embrace The Suck" MSM Patch

TAG Dump Pouch


2nd Line

Blackwater IO PC

3x Double Condor Shingles

Maxpedition Monkey Admin Pouch w/ "Pooh-Pooh Magnet" MSM Patch


HSGI Double Pistol Mag Pouch

HSGI Smoke Nade Pouch w/ Genuine British Army Smoke Nade (I havent used it yet xD )

TAG MAP w/ Source Bladder

G&P Bungee Sling Coyote - Soon to be replaced by a TAG CQC Single Point Sling

Name Tapes

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Thanks for the comment guys :) - Hopefully soon I can get some nice posey shots up and running :) - Just waiting for my Crye Combat shirt to arrive :D - And if my Stealth hoodie comes around the same time, then atleast I wont freeze :D

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Fallen Guard, you where the guy with the Multishame FSBE and the Camera on Helmet? Who stands the half day at his car? :-)


Very close. :D I'm his Friend, the one with Rooikat Trousers, black PACA and the tan P90.


(And to make this less Spam, here's a Picture of my old Multisham Stuff)




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Does anyone know if any online store carries the Blackwater IO Plate Carrier with Cummerband in Multicam? If not, can anyone recommend me a good Multicam rig/vest/plate carrier for around $150. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately not mate, Blackwater have stopping making their MC gear...you'll find them on Ebay for ridiculous prices!


And 2nd line for $150...is that including pouches, etc? Exluding pouches, I can heartily recommend the Condor Plate Carrier:


Truely great bit of kit. It ain't the most gucci or flashy plate carrier, but it's low profile, comfy, and gets the job done.


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Yup, heard good things about the HSS Plate Carrier and a mate has found it to be a great bit of kit.


I can't comment on the latest Condor PC in relation to their old vests though, i'm afraid. If it doesn't have to be a plate carrier you're after, there's plenty of excellent rigs avaliable, ICE Tactical do a lovely split rig...or you could go uber-hi speed/lo drag with a Battle belt + suspenders. :)

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Unfortunately cheap and Multicam don't come in the same sentence. You'll get used to it... :P


Obviously i'm in the UK but I wish we could get a set of BDUs for $80 over here, i'm pretty sure that's as cheap as you'll get in the US for real stuff.


And i'll forgive you for the rather old pic of Wannabe...mainly because 1) It's Wannabe and 2) It's amazing. ;)

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MC can be had cheaply, if you know where to look.


For all you PASGT/replica wearing folks, Blackheart International's (makers of the SOPMOD AK) website seems to have the cheapest price for the Tru-Spec MC helmet cover, $10 (not including shipping.) MICH covers are $12.90, still a pretty good deal.






You'll have to excuse the quality of the image, I don't have the best camera.

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