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Multicam Pics!

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A. The helmet's cocked due to my damn headset.

B. I have a MICH, but I usually run with my shooter's cap anyways. Helmets were required for this op, and I was carrying enough weight as it was. (it was in a Titan nuclear missile base).




5.11 HRT boots

Tru-Spec blouse and trousers

Issue rigger's belt

Protec B2 Skate helmet

KP Industries kneepads. These were recommended to me by a Tulsa SWAT operator. The finest kneepads I've ever owned. I tore my knee open on a steel I-beam a year and a half back, so I take knee protection pretty seriously.

Blackhawk SOLAG gloves

The required shemagh

WileyX XG-1s


First line -

Go~Gear Tactical pistol belt (the finest piece of equipment I own)

Safariland 6004/Mk23

Gerber ASEK survival knife


Second line -

Global Tactical Solutions SAW gunner's vest (MC)

TT double pistol mag pouch (DCU)

Go~Gear Tactical 2x40mm pouch (MC)

Mad Bull 2x40mm pouch (OD)

Garmin Rhino/DEVGRU Swimmer headset (frikkin uncomfortable after about an hour)

Unknown manufacturer hydro pack (CB) (won it at a raffle)

CA Mk46

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Okay thougth id post a pic (best i could do with crappy digital) of my new Multicam rig. This is, as far as I know, one of a kind. I contracted a close family member to put it together for me. Made from 725D Crye Fabric everything else was purchased from DIY Tactical. Holds 8 magazines, instead of the original lvb88's 6 magazines. As Ive always liked early US Army gear i bring to you:


Multicam LBV88 w/Multicam buttpack.


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I believe they just loop round the shoulder strap so i cant see why not. I wanted to get some too, but i know they will just look silly on me :(


I need grow like another foot and fill out a bit more, but im one of these ppl that can eat anything/everything and not put any weight and if i stop eating loads, i lose weight lol. Most womens dream, if only i could bottle and sell whatever it is that makes that happen and ild be a millionaire and buy you all the MC kit you want! ;)

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Probably trillionaire.


I really like that MC watch protector UR-Tac made. any comments on that?

I have two,the A C U one & the Multicam one{well they were cheap enough}.The strap threads through the band meaning you have to fasten your watch up as normal with the strap threaded through the protector & then fasten the protector up.The Velcro seems a bit small to keep it all together during vigorous use & overall the protector is a little to wide for my taste{it could cover Big Ben} & a little to bulky.Will i use it,of course i will but i'll probably sew my watch strap to the protector to make the watch easier to put on & take off.

I'll try to take some pix tomorrow if i can to illustrate what i mean exactly.

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Kliskey - Ahahaha! Mate you wonder why you're bank account is broken!! Nice combat MC gear dude. :P


CerberusCO - Very nice. I'm liking the knee-pads. I've seen a review on them, and didn't take them seriously when the guy was trying to show their movement capabilities by doing karate jump kicks. But if you insist, maybe I'll check into gettin a pair? :) Nice SAW.


stewpidbear - Awesome loadout man. I see you have the same knee-pads as cerberusco. Definately going to look into them more. I like the deltoid pads, thats something new to the table. I've seen them around, just never thought of picking some up.


Can anyone give the good word on Oakley SI Assault gloves and boots? I've been thinking about purchasing a pair of each. But I hear mixed reviews such as "Best gloves ever owned, performance is worth the price" then "The gloves get torn up way to easily and are too expensive". Also, do their sizes run small or large? Any intel would be great everyone.

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I have both, love the gloves but rarely use my boots ( got them in black D'oh (_8^(0) ) but they're not the best. I have the Converse warrior boots and they're much better imho I wear mine all the time not just for skirmishing. I also have the KP Knee pads they're awsome like armour for your knees they don't move and you can kneel in puddles and such without any worries.

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A bit more info about the KP kneepads, they also do a matching set of elbow pads, not articulated, but still far better than 'normal' ones. Colours are Tan, Green and Black. As for boots, Converse Desert Warriors, most comfortable boots I've ever bought, my wife bought me a black set for ordinary wear. As for gloves, Wiley-X Assault gloves, yes, expensive but they've saved my hands on countless occasions.

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wrist watch cover/protector in Crye Multicam as found here



I consider the watch cover to be a bit wide


The watch strap is threaded through holes in the cover before fastening round the wrist as normal



there is enough velcro pile for the hook velcro to attach to giving some adjustment


but there's not a lot of velcro hook to make it very secure{but then the watch strap is still fastened around your wrist making loosing the watch near impossible unless the flapping cover gets caught on something}


Hope that helps you decide if you want to buy one.The quality is very high but some improvements could be made to the cover helping make it lower profile{make it slightly narrower & give the option of fasting the watch directly to the cover.More hook & pile velcro would help as well?}

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CerberusCO - Very nice. I'm liking the knee-pads. I've seen a review on them, and didn't take them seriously when the guy was trying to show their movement capabilities by doing karate jump kicks. But if you insist, maybe I'll check into gettin a pair? :) Nice SAW.


I recommend them to everyone who asks about them, and then I show them the 3" scar on my knee. Best of all is they're cheap - right now you can get them for under twenty bucks from Tactical Products Group.


And thanks, the SAW's my baby...no way I'd ever have her if I didn't work for an airsoft shop!

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Multi tril.aire, yeah probably you greedy lot :P


Again converse boots all the way, at first they rubbed (like all boots) but after a few wears they are like slippers now and i wear them to work when im on my feet all day. Highly recommend them!


The gloves are good too, mine havent ripped or anything, and i have gone through a fair few thorn bushes. They got wet the first time i used them tho and the tan leather bits went brown and stayed brown.

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Pick up a fork once in a while! that is the only suggestion i have. you look like you need a serious meal or two.

Nice starting place with the kit. what you planning on as eye protection? gloves? boots? And be prepared for the wha wah wah black gun replys too.


Now forget the intermaweb and go eat lad.

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