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Multicam Pics!

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Hi Burke it's not the newest, its the first gen black EBR... I just made it look differenty :D


The new Kart EBR has a black stock and upper I think... and looks really weird....


It chronoed at 408 outta the box... settled at 380... so yeah way to hot for UK sites

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Ah cool, i just got the new silver one, Im gonna paint it anyway. I asked about chrono cause mine punched a hole in the bottom of a soda can and almost went threw the bottom edge (left a good crack) So Im guessing its shooting about 430fps...I need to downgrade it.....which ill do when I chop it and my chrono gets here to verify its fps first.


Anyway Im gonna try to come up with somethign in MC for my EBR loadout, not sure what way i want to go yet. I may do another modified LBV...

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Howdy Nobrain :D - Awesome kit man :D - But I see that you joined a year ago lol :P Just been surfing since then?


Also, kit list please -_-


Thanks :)


Yes, i´ve only been surfing around the forum, just to get inspiration for my outfit ;):)


Kit List:

1. Jacket in MultiCam™, Crye Precision fra TRU-SPEC.

2. Trousers in MultiCam™, Crye Precision fra TRU-SPEC.

3. Crye Precision Range Vest

4. Converse Mens Athletic 8 Inch Non-Metallic Side Zipper Desert Tactical Boot

5. Damascus SpecOps™ Cloves - with KEVLAR® and Extended cuffs - Coyote TAN

6. Eagle Instructor's Emergency Rappel Belt, IER-2A

7. 35 liters daypack CRYE multicam cordura nylon.

8. Molle Rack Chest Rig Vest. Made By Tru-Spec From Crye Approved / Licensed Fabric 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon.

9. BlackWater Gear™ CombatBelt

10. Modular Leg Rig Panel Large fra Tactical Tailor

11. All Utility/Mags. Pouches is from Tactical Tailor and EMDOM.

12. Eider™ ShoftShell Elk Zip Neck Top

13. Bonnie, Cap og PASGT Helmet in Multicam.

14. Buff in Coyote Brown




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