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General rules and guidelines

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Arnie's Airsoft Forum Guidelines


Please read the rules and guidelines below before posting on the forums.

These guidelines have been written to make your life easier, and to help you avoid getting flamed or moderated because you posted the wrong thing.


Posting Etiquette


Most new users fall down by not knowing the etiquette of forum posting. Get it wrong and other people may think that you are either being impolite or abusive. Here are some guidelines to help you make sure you fit right in...

  • Search for the answer, before asking the question
    There is a search feature on this forum, that will help you to find information that has already been posted up. This is a busy forum, so the chances are that your question has already been answered somewhere. If you ask a question that has already been answered several times before, expect the other forum users to get quite annoyed at your refusal to search.
    The lord helps those who help themselves - and so do we! :) Demonstrate that you have done your own research before posting, and you will receive all the help and advice available.
  • Make sure that your posts are relevant
    Irrelevant or pointless posts take up space and waste other peoples' time. If posts contribute nothing to the conversation or the community, they will be deleted. Give advice only if you are sure what you are talking about. Don't mislead people as at best you are risking their money, and at worst, you are risking their safety. You may give clues if are uncertain, but do not speak with authority if you are really only trying to guess.
  • Always try to post in the right place
    If you want to chat about the latest Airsoft releases, do it in "General Discussion". If you are new to the forums and want to ask a question, it might be best in the "Newbie Discussion" forum. If you want to sell something, the "Classifieds" forums are the place to announce it. Basically, have a look at all the categories and post where your submission is best suited. Note that new members will not be immediately able to access the sales sections; this is to discourage scammers who seek to rip off other users.
  • Use good English to post and 'Spell-Check' if necessary
    This is an open-access English language forum. When you post, you are effectively publishing your written work for the world to see. Use punctuation, good grammar, and the Spell Checker if you need to. Posts that are difficult to read or demonstrate an unwillingness to use the English language correctly may be deleted at the moderators' discretion. If English is not your first language or if your language skills are not great, please just do your best. We can live with imperfect English to a degree, we won't live with a lack of effort.
    So called "l337-Speak" should also not be used on these boards.
  • Don't post duplicate threads
    Multiple threads started about the same thing may be deleted, merged or moved at the moderators' discretion.
  • Use descriptive titles for new threads
    Posting a thread with the title "Look here!", or "Please help", will not attract the attention of the users. If you use titles like "Marui M4 not taking BBs", or "New release from Classic Army", more people will view your post! Do not post titles in ALL CAPS.
  • Use 'Smileys' effectively
    'Smileys' can be used in your forum posts. If you are joking about something, use them to help indicate that your statement was made humorously. They can be used to indicate your mood and show that something was not meant to be taken seriously. If you don't use them, people will assume you are being serious. Arguments have broken out before because of a misunderstood joke.
  • No Arguing
    Don't argue, if you feel offended by the comments of another user or believe a post is offensive, report it to the moderators and it will be dealt with. Starting a fight may result in sanctions for ALL those involved.
  • Be nice to other forum users
    Treat others as you would expect to be treated. If you are abusive on these forums, your posts / threads will be edited or deleted, you may be given warning points, you may get your account suspended, and persistent offenders will be banned.

Repeatedly ignoring these guidelines when you post, may lead to your posts or account being moderated.




Forum Rules


The following are rules that MUST be adhered to. Failure to follow these rules will attract the attention of the Forum moderators. All moderators are nice people that are here to help you, but their job is also to help keep the site running. Breaking the rules below jeopardizes the continued operation of this site and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances!



Spam and Irrelevant Posts


Keep all your posts relevant. Adding posts that contribute nothing to the conversation (spam) will be deleted. Do not 'bump' your threads by posting irrelevant information or just "bump". It is spam and will be deleted. Persistent spamming will result in warning points being added to your account, a suspension, or a ban from the forums.


Airsoft Muzzle Velocity discussion


As an International Airsoft forum, we are aware that our many members come from many countries with countless different regulations and legislations affecting the legal maximum velocity of an airsoft replica. The Arnies Airsoft Forum does not encourage or condone the modification or application of airsoft replicas which exceed a member's respective regional legislation. When posting on Arnies Airsoft forum, the member does so accepting full legal responsiblity for the content of their posts. Further to this, should the Forum staff consider the level of modification / application to exceed either a regionally legal or safe purpose, we reserve the right to censor and/or suspend users as we feel appropriate. Whilst we are keen to not censor discusison wherever possible, the safety of all airsofters is of paramount importance to us.



Commercial Posting in the forums


Any posts that are commercial in nature are not allowed on these forums without the prior authorisation of a Global Moderator or Site Admin. If you are a member and have some personally owned kit to sell, put it in the For-Sale forum.


For the safety of all of our users, we also prohibit the crosslinking (e.g. advertising a sale) to Ebay or other commercial websites in commercial posts without first seeking authorisation. Unless you have a good reason for this (e.g. you are a retailer based upon Ebay), it is unlikely this will be granted. We restrict such activity due to the prevalance of fraudulent users on other websites. Sales carried out on these forums at least occur within the public domain where evidence of fraudulent / inaccurate sales descriptions can be more easily obtained.


To secure permission to post commercial content in the forums, contact a member of the Admin or Global Moderator team. Only those with Commercial User status are entitled to make commercial posts. Commercial posting in the regular forums will result in your post being deleted.


If you are a retailer, wholesaler, importer or you represent a commercial or profit-making entity, e-mail your details to Arnie (news@arniesairsoft.co.uk), and he may be able to make a News post for you. This method will likely get your information more viewers too!


For Sale Forums Access / Buying and Selling Safely


In order to access to the sales sections of the forums, 100 posts is required. At this point your member status should change from 'Member' to 'Regular Poster'. If your post count reads 100 posts or higher and you do not have access, try to post in a section of the site where your post count increases - please remember that not all areas of the site (such as off-topic) contribute towards your 'official' post count.


Selling via forum status updates, general 'please buy' adverts in the non-sale sections of the forum or attempting to sell via pm are considered intentional evasion of the 100 post rule and most likely will result in a warning / and or suspension from the forum. Repeat offenders will be banned.


This rule has unfortunately been applied due to an increasing number of members who would sign up to sell or buy with little or no posts, 'sell' items and then vanish once payment was received for items, or items were received and a refund initiated. Such actions are fraudulent and any evidence of such activity will result in your immediate and permanent removal from this community, along with your details provided if appropriate to the necessary law enforcement agencies.


With the 100 post rule, we are pleased that problems in sales are few and far between, but please always be careful when buying / selling here. Make sure you exchange FULL details with any potential buyer / seller, including home address and telephone number. If a member is unwilling to provide these, walk away and notify forum staff. This will help protect not only yourself but also other potential buyers / sellers.



There are more rules you should read before attempting to buy or sell here. To view them please go to http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showannouncement=3&f=0.



Duplicate Accounts


Membership at Arnie's Airsoft is free. However, each user is only allowed one account. Duplicate accounts take up valuable system resources and annoy other forum users. It is very easy to spot duplicate accounts created or used by the same person. Any duplicate accounts found will be banned, along with the original account of the offender.


This is a PG-13 web site


By this, we mean that the following things are NOT allowed to be posted on the forums...

  • foul or obscene language (there is a language filter that will block most profanities. Deliberately mis-spelling words to get past the language filters will result in your post being edited or deleted)
  • references glorifying or inciting drug-misuse
  • references glorifying or inciting criminal behavior or violence
  • images or videos that contain profane language (swearing)
  • images or videos of graphic violence
  • images or videos of an adult or graphically sexual nature
  • images or videos that show drug misuse


Racial, Sexual and Religious Equality


This site makes no discrimination between people of different race, gender or religion. Airsoft is a sport for all, and these forums reflect that. We welcome everyone except those who demonstrate intolerance toward others.


This is a particularly delicate area to police, so the forum staff will have the final say. Comments about anything that discriminates against people, are forbidden.



Illegal / Banned Subjects

Users from countries where airsoft isn't allowed, cannot ask for advice about this sport if we understand that have illegal items in their possession.


You also cannot discuss anything that will help someone break the law in his or her locale. This includes the following...

  • How to remove the Orange Paint from the muzzle of US replicas (or in other countries where it is a legal requirement)
  • How to evade paying tax on imported goods
  • How to increase the power of an Airsoft replica beyond what is legal in the specific user's locale (or the maximum 1 Joule limit for this site - whichever is lower)
  • How to make a semi-automatic replica shoot fully-automatic in a country that does not allow this feature
  • How to make your own or modify pyrotechnics
  • How to get restricted items past customs
  • How to get restricted items if you are underage
  • How to reactivate deactivated firearms, even if you only want them to shoot Airsoft ammunition (it is still illegal in the UK)

This is not an exhaustive list, so be sensible and make sure that we all stay on the right side of the law.



Real-Steel Firearms discussion


Airsoft has natural links to the world of real firearms (commonly known as "Real-Steel"), and discussion of firearms is allowed to a point. The looks, weight, history, and operation of these firearms are normally valid topics of conversation, but ballistic effects are not. Basically, we want to avoid conversation that roams in to the arena of real ammunition and the performance of firearms in general. This is an Airsoft forum, not a real-steel forum. Let's keep it that way.



Advanced Forum Features


These forums have several additional features including the 'Links' section. Abuse of these systems (e.g. adding obscene or false links to the links page) is not allowed, and will result in action being taken by the moderating team.



Forum User Signatures


While many users have very attractive signatures, we request for the sake of bandwidth usage, uniformity of forum presentation and just common decency to 56k users that the total amount of signature images does not exceed 400x100 pixels. Please also ensure that the total height of text based signatures does not exceed 200 pixels.


Any users found with signatures exceeding these limits will have their signatures removed. Repeated violation will result in suspension.


Arnies Airsoft Chatroom


In addition to the forum, ArniesAirsoft offers an IRC based chatroom, moderated by the IRC staff. For details on how to connect please visit here. The chatroom can be a bewildering place, where the topics are not always airsoft related. The chatroom follows the same general rules of the forum, but as a basic guideline, try to remember the following:

  • Be friendly and nice to those there.
  • Remember to respect the administrators and moderators in the chatroom
  • Do not attempt to advertise or sell on channel.
  • Please do not use coloured text where possible.
  • The forum is for all Arnies Users to socialise. It is not a help desk. Please use the forums for help and advice.
  • Remember that conversation will not always be limited to airsoft. Many users are regulars there and will wish to discuss many topics.
  • Remember that the chatroom is light hearted in nature. Try to keep a sense of humour with you at all times!

Any transgression or abuse of these rules may result in your suspension and expulsion not only from the chatroom, but also possibly from the forum.



Status Updates

The forum rules also apply to the status updates function. Any commercial or personal sales advert or classified listing is prohibited in the status updates.


Thank you for reading. Now enjoy the

Forums. ;)

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