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hey well at least i'm honest! and i don't offend (well ok i could possibly wrong on that statement but when u have two learning difficulties life is a pain in the *albatross* btw i'm sorry people for my crimes for spamming please tell me when i'm goinin kindly) well at least i wasn't rude like this guy Gun Fanatic *AHEM* :unsure:

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Thanks for the support Ilovenapalm it could work out tho coz which one do u think is better a forum? where spam is contoled in a forum and where every one can just gett along? or where spam is not in organised and runs riot? i mean to save space we could delete the old spam! so arnie whats ur verdict? (any other admins verdict would also be truely appriciated =) ) it doesn't matter if this suggestion is rejected as it say it was only a suggestion

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