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Macs Picture Thread

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I've got a qustion for you mac owners. I was considering getting two macs, but my friend purchased one, and it frequently wouldn't shoot and just have bbs get jam in the back portion of the slide. Have you guys ever had this problem and why do you think it does this?

Check and see if the feed lips on his mags are bent outward like this \ / instead of this l l . If they are, you'll need to bend them back into place.

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I have some weird ones lol. I own 2 but i can mix all the parts to make these. I sold the mini launcher though. The bottom pic is the way it looks now. Some of the pics are old. 



<snip pictures> 





Very Very nice, although i prefer the normal look of the mac that is very nice. Looks a lot of fun to mess about with getting different variations. :D

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