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Macs Picture Thread

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And because this thread is so utterly unpopular, here I am 6 months later only one post below my last one:


Definitely needs some more work, some sanding, some little bits added on, some gaps smoothed out... but it's getting there:


wow, for some strange reason that is actually stupidly good looking!! :unsure:


i'm thinking AKSU stock with custom attachment, M4 pistolgrip somehow ripped apart and gone over the macs pistolgrip?

can't figure out what the frontgrip is from, g36?


looks really awesome man, good job! :D



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You're close on some of those guesses but not quite right. Stock is a homemade deal, modeled more or less after the AKS74 style though, grip is a Lage grip for a real M11/9 modified to fit [M11/9 grip is a lot bigger than the M11A1 grip, has the hole for the screw in a different place, magazine release lower, etc.] and the front grip is a US compliance part FAL grip chopped a bit.


Since you asked, here are a couple more pics from the same set which I did not post before. These were taken right after painting and none of the pins or other internals are in. There's also one of it eliminating the Diet Coke threat:




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Hehe, thanks guys!


I actually found the briefcase lying on top of a trash can at my university, and figured since it was unlocked and empty, someone was getting rid of it so I snatched it up and cleaned it :P

TBH the case only normally caries the TMP and one M11. I doubt I could fit another M11 in there with silencer.


The second pic is mainly for show. The silencers I have are actually real steel Cobray barrel attachments that are basically giant heavy steel tubes. Look nice, and give the gun a nice weight distribution when shouldered, but make the gun useless one handed.


[Normal] Briefcase contents

TM Tracer Unit with 14mm+ adapter

+ Extra pack of AAAs


+ SPP short mag

+ TMP Long mag (x2)

+ Proto Style silencer/barrel extender (TM tracer can fit inside to some extent :P )


+ Long mag (x4)

+ Silencer/Barrel Attachment

+ 14mm+ threaded barrel

PFI Hand Grenade

+ Consumables

KWC Brand 134a (2 small cans just in case propane is not avaliable)

AI propane adapter V2

Speed loader

Various BBs from .2 TM tracer rounds, to .3 KSC BBs.


Basically if I don't have time to prep any of my gear, or someone unexpected tags along to a game, I just toss this case in the car :P


The second M11 right now is holstered and stored somewhere right now... In fact I should probably find it before the next game... :rolleyes:



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I second that. I say repaint it a more foliage kind of color.
Yeah i maybe spray some matt black to it so that it's not that bright but dark green.



I just painted it and looks really nice but I must wait until paint gets dry. Its now kinda "matt dark green" with some matt black stripes on it. I post pics asap

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