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TM M14 Working Bolt Catch


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Here it is:






But here it is again:


M14 bolt catch mod:


Take this part off:




and grind the nub/tit off the back. So it looks like this:




don't lose the spring. Reassemble.


Pull the bolt back and push here:




and the bolt will be locked back.






Give a tug on the bolt, or push the lever to release.


mmmmm M14 :)



Hope this helps the TM M14 owners out there.

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I gotta say, this looks like the gun was originally designed with this feature and they then decided against it for some reason.


You might want to have a look at the parts in question.


Is there any danger that the bolt-catch could be damaged if you force the bolt forward?

Is it possible that the stress of holding the bolt open could brek the bolt catch off?

Can you fire the gun with the bolt held open and screw something up?

How long will the bolt catch last?


It's a decent little mod but I definately wouldn't use it too often just in case there's a reason they decided against implimenting it.

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I imagine that the nub is from an ejector pin in the mold that makes the casting, and it was probably retracted too far and filled with metal.


As it looks like it's supposed to be there, the people assembling it may have never noticed and just put them together without thinking twice.


It could have been the rumored "new feature" from way back when. And was just overlooked in the production run.


Or it put there intentionally.


As for issues with using the gun with the bolt held open, I didn't see any, but I never actually tested it.


For the "it will break the catch or the bolt" I totally agree. Eventually the bolt catch will wear or break and you might get a nice goove on your bolt from this.


But it's all for the sake of realism (and your gearbox will probably die befor the bolt catch breaks)

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Exactly.  The bolt only locks open if you purposefully push down on the catch.


(Unless you lose the spring, then it might be more random/depend on gravity)



Sorry got confused with where the spring pushed it.. been a long day at work.. leave me alone :P

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Just did the mod... works really well... the spring pushes the metal away from the receiver so normally it prevents the bit from getting in the way. but if you push the metal bit down aganist the spring then it catches the bolt.

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It's the TM plastic stock.


And thanks for the thanks/+1's :)


Pace if you want to see my conversion of a TM M14's original plastic stock to the real Synthetic stock, in about 2 weeks PM me and i can send you a link to the forum that i'm posting my step by step picture tour of "How to convert a Real M14 Fiberglass stock to a M14 Airsoft Stock" This is currently in my projects list and I'll be workin on it hopefully tonight and through out the next couple of weeks on my time off! (I'm hoping i dont run outa dremel bits b4 then!)

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