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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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That and they just cause rage in motorists as, assuming a baby is on board the driver is showing it the attention or is taking measures to ignore it's cries, both of which are not concentration on the road and as such can lead to a crash.


But i speak from an individual who would be happy to die without having a child or grand child to pass info on to. I may fear dying alone somewhat but if i had a kid i would probably embrace death more than fear it.


Also add to this the women that are single mums with 6-7 kids by a different purely because they slept around and then have the audacity to leech money off of hard working citizens so they can by a widescreen TV. Now don't get me wrong, if you want to be in a young relationship and have a child then fair enough, just don't go out and shag anyone then expect the rest of us to pay for you children.


I think you should have to pass an IQ test and be in a stable relationship to have children, harsh i know but those of my age group (18-30) are going to have a middle age filled with the children of scum that have grown to teenage years nd multiply just like there parents. That is not a future i want to see, one full of more chavs and vile scum than it is now.



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gotta say these baby on board signs are indeed retarded. what are they there for? a cautionary warning? do they honestly think that i tend to shunt other cars off the road and i need to be reminded about the possible presence of children to calm my berserker like rage?

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If they are allowed them i should be allowed to have a sign that says 'Gun on Board'


To match it i would have a 1911A1 or similar, which if another car ###### me off, i will drive up next to and unload a magazine blindly into the window and see if they get the hint they are pissing me off.



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i take the baby on board signs as a warning to me. Parents with kids are always terrible drivers, kids are more distracting than mobile phones! Its also always the ones with those things that have the "better than thou" complex. Drive like maniacs because they have the right of way due to having children so they need to get everywhere before you, like there the first person to have kids ever.


One time after airsoft, as i take the train. I exited the station and cued for a taxi. Usualy theres loads but there where none there. I was standing at the end of the taxi rank, 1 metre from the edge of the road. Taxi pulls up and as im lifting up my bags this *badgeress* with 3 kids (not babies, not toddlers, not infants. KIDS 10-12) walks right infront of me and opens the taxi door to let her kids in. Heres me calling her a *badgeress* in my head to tired from airsoft and polite to do anything. She just about managed to get her first kid in when suddenly working class hero time! the taxi driver turns around. "Excuse me love, can you get out please that man was waiting here before you" , lady, truely shocked - "but i have children!".


Taxi drivers exact words; "so do i love, but there at home, get out". I then got in the taxi and he said to me, "god some people have childen and think everybody owns them something!". I agreed and needless to say he got a nice tip :D


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To true but unfortunatley this is a one of the few cases were the parent has been rejected in favour of the other person.


Usually it is the parent and kids who get things first, either because the kids are cute / adorable / lovely / satanic, whatever and the parent is all calm / polite / gentle / *badgeress*. But you know it is not so much to be nice, more to *fruitcage* you of and make the most of it.


Don't get me wrong i have nothing against parent's it is just the ones that use the kids to get a free ride that bug me.


"keep honking if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving vehicle" and a picture of an armalite.


Seeing as it is an Armalite i would have no fear, wouldn't work / hit anything anyway :P



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Baby on Board signs.

Thing is, for ultimate irony, they're usually stuck in the window of a vehicle only marginally smaller than a Challenger tank.


Aceofskulls is right though.

I count those signs as a warning.

It means the driver is most likely going to be too preoccupied with stopping Tarquin and Tristran from fighting over who owns which Star Wars action figure, coaching little Fifibelle about her book report on "Of mice and men" or wiping sick off the velour seats to really be paying attention to driving.


Recently I was out on my bike, pootling through town, when somebody in a Range Rover loaded with kids reversed out of their drive into the road right in front of me.

I eased up right next to the drivers window and then gave a rather loud and prolonged blip of the throttle.

The driver nearly jumped out of her skin.

Living in her only tiny little world. <_<

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Baby on Board signs.



Up till a few months ago, I completely agreed with every word you just typed.


Then someone pointed out where the signs originated:


'Apparently', there was a car crash (Australia), where the driver & passenger were killed. The attending services removed the bodies & the car was sent for analysis before scrapping. What no one new at the time, was that there was a baby in the back, who ended up, under one of the front seats. Baring in mind this was way back & modern baby seats weren't compulsory.


The baby was found, dead, about 24 hours after the accident & could have been saved, if pulled out by the original ambulance crew.


Hence, some bright spark thought 'baby on board' signs would sell like hot cakes.


They were never intended to encourage other drivers to do anything. The original idea was to help rescue crews................. :huh: A great idea.


Obviously, with current baby seat regulation, there is probably now, little point. So everything you said is right. They have evolved; 'back off! baby on board', 'proud mum, baby on board' etc, to continue sales, appealing to those who want to show off the fact that they have a kid.


& like you, I don't *fruitcage* care! In fact I hate it. There is a horrible anti social hypocrisy, that every parent has. They drive their kid to school, to protect their kid, from other motorists,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, who are driving their kid to school, for exactly that reason. :huh: & have you seen how they drive? Like complete *Ubarflock*. It's no wonder they are concerned, as they are contributing to the exact problem, they are terrified of.


& why do mums always load their kids into the back of the car, in the middle of the road? They could do it more safely, on the pavement side, the car does have doors on both sides doesn't it? No, the selfish *Ubarflock* always insist on doing it on the road side, bringing the traffic to a stop, while they (seemingly oblivious) take as long as they can, to make sure that little pink *suitcase* bag, is safely secured.


I recently spent 10 minutes sitting in a backstreet traffic jam, involving two busses & about 30 cars. The cause was a particularly self obsessed mum, who had chosen the load on the road side technique & couldn't quite satisfy herself that 'pink *suitcase* bag' was 'ok'. It took about another half an hour to get the traffic flowing again! I did my best to politely point out that by loading from the curb side, she could have avoided making approximately 200 people late for work. Strangely, she couldn't give a ######, just moaning that everyone was in her way! *fruitcage* her & any one like her. :angry:


Ultimately this must rub off on the kid, contributing to the me me me, every man for himself culture, that we are currently faced with.


The thing is, this is very short sighted, as everyone battens down the hatches, tighter & tighter. It's a kind of spiral of anti social behavior. Not good.




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I just did an enormous fart.


It went on for ages, stank really bad & was loud, like an elephant.


Thankfully it was a dry one. (I checked).


My trousers are loose now. :huh:





PS, Perhaps this post would have been better placed in the 'guilty pleasures' thread? Mods, please feel free to move.


Oo christ, I just did another one! :blink:

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"Well, Greg...its a good answer but..."






Dontcha hate Snopes?



As for the thoughtless parents...yeah, some of them dont concentrate well on the road with kids in the car. But 95% of car drivers dont concentrate well on the road regardless. Today's cars molly-coddle people to such an extent that they feel it is like a castle on wheels, hence why they get so narky if you are anywhere near them. It is their safe zone and noone is allowed within a maritime perimeter of it. Whatever they may do wrong...its someone elses fault.


I call the drivers seat of a car the 'idiot chair'. Because you can get a normal, sub-intelligent human who is reasonably sensible...put them in the idiot chair and their IQ drops to 10.


One example, I'm taking the car for MOT and theres a woman with a, maybe 10yr old, boy next to her. She is so blithe and thoughtless that she keeps accellerating RIGHT up to my rear, backing off, doing it again. Obviously not concentrating.


I made her concentrate. Next time she got close-ish, on with the brake, off to startle her, then pulled to a stop. Of course she was so close she couldnt get round. Out of the car. "Do you want to drive my car too? You're close enough!". Back in and gone. Yeah she pulled back and maybe, just maybe, thought about her driving a little more for the rest of that journey.

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1,Dontcha hate Snopes?


2, One example, I'm taking the car for MOT and theres a woman with a, maybe 10yr old, boy next to her. She is so blithe and thoughtless that she keeps accellerating RIGHT up to my rear, backing off, doing it again. Obviously not concentrating.


I made her concentrate. Next time she got close-ish, on with the brake, off to startle her, then pulled to a stop. Of course she was so close she couldnt get round. Out of the car. "Do you want to drive my car too? You're close enough!". Back in and gone. Yeah she pulled back and maybe, just maybe, thought about her driving a little more for the rest of that journey.

1, :D , Not at all. What ever the origins, it hi lights the true fact, that someone is just cashing in on these things. ;)


2, I have exactly the same on a regular basis. The last few times it happened when I was out on my dt125, I did the same as you, but with a bit more flair: The old, rolling stoppy thing, with the back wheel 4 feet in the air! That usually 're focuses' them. ;) When they start shouting I calmly state that there is no need for concern. Pointing out, that unlike them, I'm actually aware of the road/traffic conditions & in control of my vehicle. :rolleyes:




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All of the above is why i walk everywhere. People who walk slowly, mobility scooters, old people, poeple with push chairs, children goups of people, people who who come out of a shop and stop dead before their brains realise which way to go. These are my "baby on board" stickers. There's more but if i work myself into a rage at the moment i may have to kill someone.

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Does red at a traffic light, mean anything these days?


Light goes green, we set off to turn right at a t-junction set of lights, just then, a silver megane trys too t-bone us, as we are turning right. Luckily, there was a car behind us, and so the driver had to brake (Silver megane). Funny thing is the silver megane honked the horn at us, even though they had just gone through a red light! This is the second time a car has gone through a red light at a set of lights, where the speed limit is 40mph, you can imagine my pants nearly got ruined both times. Oh and another set of lights people ignore, in liverpool, is the lights just out side of Lewis's and yes they always have plenty of room to brake, an not have to brake hard as they are always doing little more than 15 mph (I've noticed this when walking round, not in a car, driving or other wise).


And don't get me started with mini round-a-bouts, where drivers try to pull out on you fast (When they should be giving way, as you have come from their right), so they can get a head of you. But don't quite make it and as such are blocking the road for all too see. And correct me if am wrong but if you are going past 180 degress/ 12 0'clock at a round about you are supposed to use the right hand lane (Of course, if there is more than one lane). How come in st helens, people ignore this fact an try to cut across you, simply because they where in the wrong lane, for the junction they wanted, madness!



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Heh, don't get me started about roundabouts.


The best part is that, if you ever talk to anybody guilty of misusing lanes, they'll usually say "Yeah, I stay on the outside on roundabouts cos whenever I use the inside lanes I always get cut up and then I can't get across to my exit".


Yes, that must be awful for you! And it's other f**kers doing EXACTLY what you're doing that cause this problem for you!


Only time I've ever stopped somebody was over something similar.

I was turning right at a roundabout (in the right-hand lane) and some nobber in a Rover was in the left-hand lane.

As we drive around the ringroad I notice he's still beside me, still beside me, STILL beside me so I accelerate in front of him, indicate and take my exit.

Next thing he's honking his horn, flashing his lights at me and waving.

This was rush hour BTW.

At first I thought he was just being a "sore loser" cos I got in front of him at the ringroad but he carried on flashing his lights at me for the best part of a mile, crawling along at about 10mph.

So I stopped my car, got out, walk back to him and politely said "Hi, I noticed you flashing your lights at me so I thought you were trying to get my attention. Well, you've got it. What's wrong?"

As I was speaking he was frantically reaching around pushing down the door locks on his car and winding the windows up.

Then he pulls out a mobile phone and shouts "Leave me alone! I'll call the police!".

I replied by saying (again, politely) that assumed he was urgently trying to get my attention judging by all the honking of horns and flashing of lights he was doing so I wondered what was so urgent.

At this point he tried to get past me by swerving into the oncoming traffic which immediately caused a traffic jam and more honking of horns.

I got back in my car and left.


Just amazes me how "on the edge" some people are when driving.

Every time they're overtaken it's a personal insult.

Every time they're delayed it's a conspiracy.

Everybody faster than them is insane and everybody slower is incompetent.


TBH, and I know this is something that everybody gets told but I suspect few people actually heed, I assume every driver on the road is a moron and that's usually the best way to be.

Very little gets me truly mad on the roads simply because I expect people to do stupid things so it never upsets me when they do.


For example, a guy I know just had his car written off.

He was driving along a deserted street and a car pulled out of the supermarket car park in front of him, causing him to run into the side of it.

Thing is, in a situation like that I (and I hate to be smug) will usually assume the car is going to pull out so I'll slow down just in case.


It's like when you're waiting to pull out of a side-road.

A car's coming along the main road to your right with his left-hand indicator on.

He's turning into the road you want to pull out of.

Do you pull out in front of him?

I won't. Not usually, at least.

I've seen far too many morons driving along for mile after mile with their indicator on to risk having one crash into me, especially if it'll be my fault, technically.


So, yeah, the roads are full of stressed-out people paying too little attention and taking too much for granted.

Time to buy a Land Cruiser.

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That's the norm for raoundabout up here in Aberdeen as all the paint is worn off and people don't know how to drive.


Thats is another gripe for the thread, what *fruitcage* intellegent person decided to put pedestrian lights on all four exits to a roundabout?


There is one in Aberdeen, coming in on the A90 from Ellon that ia a four way roundabout, about medium sized but each of the exits, both sides, have a set of traffic lights which doesn't help that you also can't see the ones on the lane across from you which means if you g straight ahead and someone uses them you are stuck out in the roundabout.


It is a stupid idea, not helped by that fact another set of pedestrian lights is available about 25-50 metres down each road anyway.



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I've often had EXACTLY the same thought while driving up and down Anderson Drive.


There's a roundabout every 500m and every bloody one has pedestrian crossings on it.

Every time the crossing lights up it means cars already ON the roundabout are forced to stop which means that other cars crossing the roundabout (not taking the exit where the pedestrian is) can't get past.

Instant gridlock!


Pro-tip for town planners: Put pedestrian crossings AWAY from road junctions.

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You guise have got it easy. I drive all over the place & can confidently say London is the worse. TBH, roundabouts have all got traffic lights on them now because no one adheres to the priority rules & there were too many accidents. Ironically, they are now taking the lights out of some of the roundabouts again to speed up the flow of traffic. <_<




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Just down the road from my house, they moved a bus stop to accomodate a (redundant) zembra crossing (I say redundant because it's only 100m from another one that has been there for years), so now the box for the bus to stop in completely blocks a junction... <_<



But what *REALLY* winds me up about the roads is the way that the councils deliberately altered the timing on all the traffic lights in manchester, closed a load of bus lanes and a whole host of other things to really screw up the traffic prior to the votes on the Congestion Charge....


Exactly the same as they did in London prior to instituting congestion charging there. <_<

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I've driven around London and I know people drive really aggressively but they seem to be competent drivers, for the most part.


Aberdeen is a strange town.

It's as if somebody's taken a "Ma and Pa Kettle" type town and then given everybody a fast car.

Everybody drives like they just traded their horse in for a car but they all do it really really fast and really really aggresively.

I've spoken to locals about it and a lot of them agree.


I found that, after a year working in Aberdeen, I found myself driving like a b*stard when I got home because I was so used to driving that way while up there.

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