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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Sorry - who were these Israelis blowing up with their hotel, bus and market bombs? To what end?


The information Wikipedia has given me about this King David Hotel bombing seems to indicate that it took place before Israel existed (the bombing was in 1946, the nation of Israel was created in 1948), therefore the Israelis can't have been involved.


In 1947, the UN proposed the creation of a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a UN-administered Jerusalem in what was then British-controlled Palestine. The Jews accepted this plan, but the Arabs rejected it. Seems to me that the Jewish people as a whole aren't the warmongers of the piece, especially given that the overwhelming majority of Israel's neighbours have Israel's destruction as a national goal...


Although the pre-Israel treatment of Jews by the British and the armed opposition to British rule in Palestine by various Jewish groups is probably why the UK and Israel don't have a better relationship today.

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Looks like another ship is going to try and get aid delivered:-




Scroll down, its towards the bottom. I do hope this time, the aid is handed over to the Isreal soldiers etc with out incident, if indeed the ship ever trys to make its journey, considering what has happened.

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In the early days, Israelis were commiting many terrorist acts in order to achieve their Israel. King David Hotel bombing is a good example. Brits died at the hands of Israelis and it is still celebrated. In 2006, there was a memorial to to the bombing and if I remember rightly, there was alot of controversy because the Israelis put up a rather arsey plaque commemorating the bombings and had to change the plaque.* They also bombed market places and ambushed buses and stuff. The way I see it, the modern state of Israel is cemented in place with acts of terrorism.






*I expect Chimpy to come along and try to disagree with me for some reason.


This is awesome it's like having a fan club, I guess I must evoke trembling anticipation in a certain subset of Arnies membership. :P


Hedganian - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehi_%28group%29



There was a lot of violent Arab opposition to Jewish immigration which resulted in tit for tat violence and the British got stuck in the middle as they were controlling the area. The group that you could definitely identify as terrorist was only a tiny, tiny part of the total mobilised forces which protected Jewish settlements.


However it's a long way from there to saying that Israel "is cemented in place with acts of terrorism" which is patently barmy. Also a lot of Jews in the Mandate at the time thought the acts were counter-productive as do a lot of Israeli's now.


Anyway this is a news story about the plaque they put up:


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It's just another example of the lengths the douche bag community will go to to announce to everybody else that there are douche bags in the area.


I am grateful to them, it gives me plenty of time to cross the road and makes it very easy to tell (at a glance) if a particular bar is the kind of place I would want to drink in.

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I was wrong. There was a band on tonight in The Royal Oak tonight, and yes, the lead singer had a pair of these pants on in black. At least they where a shade darker than that is generally considered noticalbe(I apologise for the spelling of the word notice-able!)! But yes, those pants made me cry "Shane!"

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