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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Ironic how the one beefing on about the Union is the one with a manx flag in his profile.


If we want to get technical, I'm 1/4 Scot, 1/4 Lithuanian and 1/2 English. I still consider myself an Englishman. Deal with :P


Although in motor racing events at least, the Northern Irish have their own flag represented on the podium (ala Colin Turkington, Eddie Scumbag Irvine). I remember when Irvine got his first podium, they put up an ROI flag by mistake. They corrected it the next time...and put up a Union flag :P


Does NI have its own olympic team? I dont know.



Stealth - technically, the ROI people are Britons, but are not British. They lived on the land which the romans called Britannia but they are not subjects of Britain.


Clear as mud?

I don't mean to be dismissive (honestly) but most of that doesn't really matter.

I must say, though, it DOES occur to me that somebody from NI might have something other than "British" as their nationality even though they ARE part of the UK, at least.

England, Scotland and Wales are simply "British" though.


Regarding motorsport, the first time DC won a GP he asked them to fly the Saltire and was refused, which ruffled some feathers cos Irvine got to fly "his" local flag.

Fact is, again going back to the title of your passport, "Great Britain" comprises England, Scotland and Wales and the "United Kingdom" comprises Great Britain AND Northern Ireland.

So, if you're a British citizen the Union flag is your ONLY national flag. Note that NI does NOT have a national flag.

Incidentally, IIRC, Irvine asked for the Tricolor to be flown which is, frankly, a bit out of order if he is N'Irish.

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ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

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"I'm confused. No, wait... I think you're confused."

-Dr. Simon Tam


Am I not communicating effectively?


Did I not say that Hedge was correct when he pointed out that Irish citizens are not British citizens? Did my comparison of an Irish citizen calling themselves British on account of geographical location (the British Isles) with a Mexican citizen calling themselves American on account of geographical location (the Americas) really make what I said that much murkier?


Just when I thought it was impossible for you be anymore annoying, you go and quote firefly in an argument.

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People at my local high school get Wednesday afternoon off to watch the world cup match... Surely that's not allowed?


As in, they're ending the school day early. Because of football. Which isn't important.

Worst part is, they're probably not doing it just for the kids.

Chances are that a lot of the teachers will want to watch the match too so they're shutting the school so avoid any embarassing "sudden illnesses" afflicting the staff.


Hopefully they'll also have the sense to set up a couple of big TVs somewhere so kids can stay at school to watch the footie and, thus, avoid causing chaos for parents who don't have the luxury of picking and choosing when they actually do their job.

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Maybe football should be banned then, seeing as so many people hate it (I am not one of them). Knee jerk reaction!


Here's a semi gripe. How come liking football and being an airsofter is like having a dirty secret (With fellow airsofters that is)?

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Given the normal ratio of male to female airsofters, I don't support any plan which involves mixing airsofting with sex. Unless a site is going to include certified-clean prostitues in the walk-on fee.... :unsure:


As for this idea of closing while the football is on - it's unjustified, and inconveniences others. What if someone needs the services of these businesses while they're closed for no good reason?


I don't consider watching a sporting event, regardless of what it is, to be sufficient grounds for closing anything, much less a school. :waggle:

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Schools closing is a bit gash, but I see nothing wrong with a business closing for an afternoon so the guys that work there can have a bit of extra time off to enjoy something they clearly quite like, for a few days once every 4 years.

With my sensible hat on, my main issue is that parents pay a heap of tax in order to pay teachers to look after their kids so they can go out and make a living.

To ignore that responsibility and force parents to change their plans because of the World Cup is a bit poor IMO.


As I said, hopefully a bit of common sense would prevail and the school would remain open for kids who can't go home to watch the footie.


Given the normal ratio of male to female airsofters, I don't support any plan which involves mixing airsofting with sex.

Given that most airsofters care more about guns than sex.....


No. Not even gonna go there. :P

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I wouldn't say that I care *more* about airsoft than sex. It's just that airsoft doesn't reject me... :unsure:


Also, I'd like to think that we don't pay taxes for schools to "look after kids while their parents go to work" but to actually *educate* them while they're there... <_<

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At the end of the day, AEGs are a lot like women. They cost a lot, they need perminant attention, they quite often don't do what you want them to do and some times it's just easier to avoid the hassle and hire one for the day.


And they almost never load the dishwasher.

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Looking back on YouTube, how the hell did people miss that Michael Jackson is/was/always will be a creeper? I was just watching the video for 'Beat It.' Was there a time in history when this was considered acceptable and cool that I somehow missed?


Oh yeah, it was called the 80s. That explains everything. :mellow:

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2 digusting obese people came into work today, panting like dogs. They had rolls of fat the size of rubber rings around thier waists, but worse of all, they stank utterly foul, a mix between week old ###### and stale scampi fries. We had to spray air freshener around the shop cause the smell was that bad. So my rant isn't really about obese people, but the digusting and smelly.

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Thats nothing... get one or two of them on a bus.


Or a few old ladies playing perfume wars... that **** can give you a migraine... You spray it on, NOT BATHE IN IT!


But the most annoying of all is the antisocial ****sucking ****tards who smoke their foul **** while waiting for the bus, take a last drag of that horrid **** then breathe their ****ing foul stink in my ****ing face when they get on.


I tellya, if someone is smoking when I pull up, I leave the damn doors CLOSED till theyve finished. If they're the only person there and they dont wanna finish in 3 more drags, I leave them there.


Don't forget folks, bus drivers can refuse you a ride for any reason, or no reason at all, unless you are under 16, or you are a lone female after dark.

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So, do you often pickup bus loads of lone woman after dark, hangin around on street corners & bus stops?... :D


But yeah, I hate it when one of the kitchen porters comes into the shop to buy more fags, with their breath and clothes reeking cigarette smoke because they've obviously just finished off their last parket, its horrid- especially when you have to try and not gag / vomit allover them as you serve them ( never leaves a good impression on the customers... ).

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