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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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While there's nothing wrong in being a security guard, as such, it's probably not the career path you were hoping for when you were doing those GCSEs and A-Levels. What annoys me is how I've spent a great deal of time and money to earn high level qualifications, which are apparently worse than useless. Not only do they NOT get me a job, but they actually seem to *IMPEDE* my getting jobs in some cases, because I'm "overqualified"


I'm not qualified enough to work in the field of my qualifications, I'm not qualified to work in any of the fields I wouldn't mind working in, and my previous experience hasn't gained me a lot, either.


The real way to get a job is by knowing someone. Qualifications, interviews, all that stuff doesn't matter as much as a good word from someone already working there... <_<

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I really feel for you guys but I don't understand.


I did get qualifications in school but I got thrown out of uni with nothing.

I bummed around the world with money I saved up doing 100+ hrs a week as a security guard.


As you can imagine the "employment history" section of my CV is hardly inspiring and is full of big holes but I have got every job I ever applied for (barring 2 applications to the fire service) and I have never claimed and money.


I have never been unemployed for more than a couple of days so I never felt the need to.


I always found that if you lower your standards enough there will be a job there.

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I used to be a security officer. My licence has since expired, but my Public Space Surveillance licence is still valid. During my interviews, I have nearly always called upon that experience to give examples of good customer service etc, but it's never enough. I quit being a guard for a reason, but it looks like I'm going to have to go back into the industry, something I am NOT looking forward to, especially since the company I was with was absolute ###### and wasn't on very good terms with me and therefore won't be able to give me good references.

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I just had to go down to the postal delivery office on foot (cause some bint hit me and wrote off my scooter)


to pick up a parcel that was late (and thus we weren't in)


and then it starts raining harder than it has in months.




And then it stops just as I get to my door. Typical.





On the plus side, the package was lipo batteries for me and the girlfriend's guns.

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The Jobcentre people very kindly processed the 40-odd page form I had to fill in, and have then sent me *ANOTHER* form asking about my Reserve service. Which I duly filled in with the exact same information that was on the other form - the questions are the same, the answers are the same!!


I also got a letter saying they I will now be getting a staggering £17.04 per week from now on. Great... <_<

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Male prostitution anyone, plenty of lonely old mingers ladies out there willing to pay for company...


Rant: ~7 months ago my boss employed his girlfriend after another member of staff left ( no loss there though ). Sounds dodgy as fook but was actually fine as she is a hard worker and rather fit ( :unsure: ). She had some issues with kidney stones so we ( the other 2 staff members ) swapped & covered shifts as required- no one can help being genuinely ill afterall. Now all of a sudden though she can no longer work late shifts as she suffers from panic attacks ( at the thought of working alone at night ). Wtf? Since we are on a naval base there is no general public to deal with, nothing has changed to make the job harder or more intimidating, yet the rest of us are forced to work all the late shifts until we can employ an extra person to cover most of the lates. To make matters worse the other guy I work with ( my little sister's boyfriend as it happens- indeed, its who you know, not what qualifications you have ) has just gotten a new job as a warehouse supervisor & equipment tester for some events firm, so hes leaving in a fortnight. Luckily, we also break up for summer in about 1 week ( sort of- reduced hours for another 2 weeks as we have the horrible little sea/air/army cadets on base doing there activities & then we properly close for 4 weeks of summer leave ).


This bites, but its hardly suprising really- employing your friends is one thing, but your bird? And pissing off other people just so you dont have to work lates? Takes the ###### indeed...

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Playing devil's advocate:


Do you know if anything has happened to her out of work that could be the trigger for these anxiety episodes?

Not everyone, especially your bosses GF is going to want to talk if something even mildly traumatic had happened to her. Yes it may be her swinging the lead a bit, but it could equally be a genuine fear.


Yes it's hard for you because you have to work lates, but until you have proof she's faking, you should cut her some slack, especially if the quality of her work when she is there hasn't changed.


If she's suddenly turned into a lazy skiving bint then that's another matter, but you don't mention that if she has.

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bits and bobs



A panic attack isn't like "being scared", and for the most part, its not rational at all. I've read that having a panic/anxiety attack can be one of the most terrifing things once can experience. Have a little sympathy fella!




In regards to its who you know, not what, I've been offered a weeks work experience at a major newspaper, case in point, I know one guy, and know very little about anything else. Good times eh? :P

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Bloody job websites not accepting CV's in PDF format. Some only accepting the MS doc/docx format.


*fruitcage* that, I should be able to make my cv in whatever package I want. Because of the restrictions I cant use a nice professional typsetting software and as such my cv looks the same as everyone else's and I have to put up with MS word/open office.

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A few years back I was involved in a bit of 'job seeking'. I was lucky that my employer paid for me to spend time with an employment specialist. A bit like the fairy job mother character currently on telly.


The folk that I was with were called Hurst Associates, are bloody expensive & pretty good. They helped me on my way & a lot of what they covered stuck with me.


One of the items was that they reckoned over 80% of job placements are through 'people you know'. Obviously you don't want to ignore all the other options but they positively encouraged you to publicise your availability among your peers. On the belief that statistically, they were the ones that were overwhelmingly most likely to find you a job.


So, you can spend all day on the web or get out into the real world & make some genuine contacts. 'Sup to you but 80:20 against the interweb, job centers, papers, adverts & agencies etc. ;)


The other was regard over/under qualification: Taylor your pitch to suit the level the target employer is looking for. Its pretty obvious really. Tell them the stuff relevant to that particular job, at the end of the day, that's all that matters to them. Try to put youself in the possition of the person vetting you, give them what they want, they are more likely to accept you. Despite your obvious pride in having 20 post grads, the manager at the local garden center will just think you are a show off & tell you to sling your hook. :(





PS. I've worked all my life (possibly longer than some of arnie's contributors have been alive :o ), so have very little sympathy for any one who doesn't. In fact, not only am I unsympathetic, I'm darn right jealous. :D If a misfit lowlife like me can get by, anyone can. :rolleyes: There are always jobs, it just seems to me, folk without work don't want them. Which is fine. :D However, I have more respect for someone in a *suitcase* job, moaning about not getting the job of their dreams, than someone without a job moaning about the same. ;)

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I swear to BOG that if nPower do not sort out their useless *albartroth* billing department, I am going to photostat a hundred copies of my last 12 months bills, go to their offices and make each member of the billing team eat a copy each. Then, any that are left over, are going up the *albartroth* of the CEO.

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Is that really the sort of attitude that will get you a job thses days?


'Cos' I tell ya, I wouldn't employ it. :D





:P Im just annoyed I had to spend an hour redoing my CV in word when it looks much better in its original form.


At least the job I did it for have already gotten back to me re: interviews, which is very nice :)

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im learning to drive. my parents are very supportive and i understand that i am very privileged. they bought me a car and my Mum is going to teach me the basic, and then i will probably get a few lessons to finish off before my test.


today was my second day driving (first day really driving properly), and we found a nice bit of road that is really wide, has a roundabout at one end and a sort of triangular junction at the other, meaning i can turn back round at each end and go up and down the road. its not a residential road, so im not bothering anyone in their houses. perfect place to learn really. only "problem" is there is a 7' barrier about 3 quarters of the way along. no biggie really as its good to ger used to tight spaces.


rant is, when someone has learner plates on, and is going up the road quite slowly (still learning), the only other car on the road, signaling and leaving loads of room for you to go past and you dont, you really cant complain when i take my time to get through the barrier. who the *fruitcage* do you think you are and who re you impressing when you honk at me? terribly sorry if i delayed you by, at most, 20 seconds.

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