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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Mike, I recommend watching hilarious playthroughs of Magicka (

or something.  Watch that video on the game Ship that I linked to in the opposite thread.  Helps keep that "part" within oneself from coming out and causing any trouble,



Rant for the day:  I have somehow received a sore throat and cough, with the splendid side effect of making me black out in the middle of my morning class.  My next class is not ill 1 (10 here right now) and I have no clue as to how I will make it through the wait and the class without repeating a visit to the floor.

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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No worries mate, life gets in the way sometimes, I understand.


Is it a new new car or new to you?

It does. Things like getting laid off work the day after I bought the bloody thing... I'll sort it though, still popping up to the yard as my mum lives near by!


Anyway, it's not new, just new to me. It's an '04 passat estate, 1.8 petrol turbo, with 87 thou on it. Been well looked after too. Or so I thought!

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Chances are its the window regulator gone sproing then - theres a couple of clips that hold the window glass to the regulator, think on VW's you can buy repair kits so should be an easy fix for the garage.


VW Group temperature sensors are... *ahem* not unheard of to go faulty... Again, should be a simple fix (unless its something more, like a thermostat stuck open).


Exhaust emmisions lamp does sound like its the Lambda sensor. unlikely to have a DPF on a car that old... or a petrol ;).


Might have some sort of exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) that might be blocked or so, but i'm just guessing here.

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Possible to also be an electrical fault causing the same issues . Need to get it on a fault code reader to confirm. The problems . Euro car parts or German and Swedish for cheap parts spares . If not a part they stock vw or the German car company are another 2 options

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Cheers chaps. It does have an egr, and yep, after doing a lot of reading, the sensors are known to fail lots apparently. You can bypass/block the egr I believe, but the ecu then needs recoding to stop the fault light reappearing.


Thermostats can be fiddly, but doable, but I don't really care now, as it ain't my problem! As you said Gaz, it needs reading before we start ripping bits off it :)

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Using wood to hold up my old Focus' window was too main stream.






P90 mags are great for many things. :P


That made me giggle seeing that.




Because everyone else in the forces are either fat, lazy other arms w*nkers, crab b*stards or navy bumboys who read the recruitment pamphlets and realised that aircon, showers and a decent Internet connection sounded better than living in a muddy hole at Sennybridge for 2 weeks at a time with your sleep being rudely interrupted by someone lobbing mk9s into your harbour area at 3 in the morning.





In all seriousness though, why does it matter? People join the forces for a variety of different reasons and if they are proud of what they are going into then fair play to them. Some people don't want a trade and some people don't realise that everyone in the army is a soldier first and a tradesman second, especially as the UK armed forces is being gradually reduced and soldiers have to be more flexible. Some people just want to fight and some want a challenge. For some people, the forces is a step up from where they are. It gives they a way out to better themselves when all they have around them is rubbish. These are just a few of the many reasons people sign up.


It sounds like you are looking down on infantry as a lowly role for scum but that isn't necessarily true. I know a lad who was an accountant before banging out of that and joining the infantry. He was raking it in but got bored and followed his dream and last time I chatted to him, he was glad he made the move.


What do you want to do with your life?


There was a story on the BBC earlier today debating the ethics of allowing under 18's to join the military by stating that it is an antiquated concept from a bygone age that has no place in 21st century Earth. There was a lot more to it but I can't remember.

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Ze germans are trying to conquer the world!




''The war started because of the vile Hun and his villainous empire - building.''


''George, the British Empire at present covers a quarter of the globe, while the German Empire consists of a small sausage factory in Tanganiki. I hardly think that we can be entirely absolved of blame on the imperialistic front.''


I think we have a better claim to the world than ze Gerry's. :P


Oh and I met an attractive girl, she is called Priya, lives over here due to her studying at university, has parents that live in India and both are doctors. Should I start reading / collecting comics and trying to become a physicist? :D



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BORED. (insert the GIF with Cumberbatch blazing away at a wall with a P226)

Also, I can't have a day off on a Thursday between two national holidays. Because everyone else did it first.


Next time be quicker, like the ladies always say :P.


And what? That GIF idea makes no sense in my brain unless it is something I have missed?



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Got rid of the old girlfriend then FK?


Erm, how do I put this in a way that doesn't make me sound like a *rickroll*.







Actually I have just met her, she has expressed interest, I have explained my situation and she seems oddly accepting of it. We both share a 'if it doesn't happen then oh well' attitude.


Though really I am having a hard time thinking of reasons staying with the present GF, having friends of mine suddenly want to be 'more than friends' now they know about my situation doesn't help, you tell people in confidence and what do you get :P.



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Do the decent thing, talk to your gf and let her know how you feel. Man up and all that kind of thing.


Actually, sod it. Brake up with her. If you really wanted to be with her, you wouldn't be talking about a new girl that's shown interest.


I have, we have talked it over yet still it seems to end with us not worrying about it and trying to get on with things, now it just seems to be getting past breaking point.


Either way we have pretty much ended up in a 'if we break up that is it' situation but both want to still be friends, but know it wont work that way.


To be honest as it is what I call breaking point and it has been a long relationship I will call it here as a two week mark and see how things go, if we can work it out good, if not then we will just go our seperate ways.



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