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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Burnt myself a couple of weeks ago. Blister burst when I was doing some lifting at work.


Keep catching the *fruitcage* scab on everything and it keeps bleeding. Needs to breathe to heal but can't leave it uncovered at work given I'm in the food and drinks industry.


Might have to amputate...

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Five step plan:


1. Tear off all scabs

2. Apply tincture of Iodine liberally to the area (this will *fruitcage* hurt).

3. Apply superglue to the area.

4. ??????

5. Profit



A bang-up-to-date medical paper from 1919:


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I read that somewhere actually a while ago.


We also used to use it to purify water in Africa. Tastes horrible at first, but you get used to it. The little pills you can get that are supposed to remove the taste of it don't work though, just bin them!

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I just use superglue, stings like a son of a gun but I cant be doing with plasters on my hands (makes delicate work very fiddly) and I get cut quite a lot off of the inside of our machines, I'm convinced that some bugger at Konica is paid to sharpen the edges of the frames!



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I tried surgical TCP. And almost bit my tongue off.


Must be working then :)


At induction for my new job at their head office in cambridge. The coffee is *suitcase*. I think I've made a terrible mistake... D:


Just make your own, one cup at a time:



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