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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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It lives.


It breathes.


It doesn't have a working YOU LEFT YOUR LIGHTS ON YOU IDIOT buzzer when you turn the engine off and open the door with the lights on.


It has an oil leak. (possibly a perished crank case breather hose. hopefully)


It's used half a tank of fuel since YESTERDAY FREAKING AFTERNOON!



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Leak traced - union on the oil feed line to the G-lader cracked. As well as a holey breather hose.


Bad news. £50 for a new feed line, and now I desperately need the charger itself serviced and investigated, if it's been starved of oil it may be un-repairable.


Balls. New/refurb chargers are over £1500 (which just so happens to bore it out to 65mm, MOAR POWER!) but obviously, I don't have that money.


Stunt: I'd happily drive a Mii/Up/Citigo but sadly, financially, they're out of reach at the moment. I could get one on PCP for £100 a month but I've a strange aversion to not actually owning my car. Also, apparently VW are bringing out an Up GT with a 1.2 engine sometime this summer, which would get me VERY interested.

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Tink, I'm racking my brains but seem to remember reading on another forum that you can have a 'charger rebuilt for a few hundred somewhere.


Sorry to post such a vague, *suitcase* comment, but I stumbled across it when I was looking to get a turbo rebuilt. May be worth a trawl about on specialist forums? It seemed like a 1 man band type of thing who was pally with the regs on there, not a company as such, but seemed highly rated by other posters.


Again, I know this is probably the the worst 'help' ever, sorry!

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Oh, no I know. There's a place in doncaster that does rebuilds. Problem is, if the charger has been starved of oil, it may have caused internal damage to the charger housing or random bit on the inside.

Praying it's going to be ok though.


Also going to thoroughly check all the other oil lines and coolant pipes. Desperately do not want to drop oil or coolant on the nurburgring. That would literally bankrupt me. D:

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Two dudes I knew (one from my regiment, one I knew from a contracting job)  both killed themselves on the same day, two days ago.  They didn't know each other.


It's just a bit of a bummer when people you think are fine go and off themselves.  I think PTSD care is inadequate maybe.  I dunno.

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It's their families I feel for.  People leave a shitstorm in their wake when they commit suicide.


It's a weird thing to be in your early 30's, yet half your friends are already dead.

The war(s) keeps killing them, even though it's over.



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I feel for you, I've been there.


Lots of money being tossed around to build up the reserves at the moment, they'll probably snatch your hand off.


I know what you mean about the lifestyle, I get just enough of it peripherally to keep me satisfied.

Forces people are just different.


Not always better, just different.

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