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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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I do because my family came from other countries before coming to America.


That's what genealogy is, I'm a human of x, y and z region's I just happened to be born here in our families travels.


5 generations ago my family moved here to get away from the European wars, we eventually got dragged into it.

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Eh, I don't think I am because I don't call the boarders home. We are like gypsies, we hail from the lands of Scotland, Ireland, Deutschland and Wales. Now we add land of America, these are places our family have lived and died.


But our family will not end here.


So the borders within which you currently reside are of no relevance to your identity yet those which contained your ancestors are?


say that again when trump wins ;)

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Americans who make a big deal out of their ancestry. They're not Scottish, Irish, German or Polish. They are American. Pricks the lot of em.

Agreed. By the same logic I could say I'm Irish as an ancestors decided to jump on a boat from Dublin to Liverpool many years ago

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It's all *badger*s.


My sister was born in Germany but she is British because Army.

I was born in Scotland to Scottish parents so I am British too.


None of it matters.  Why be proud of something you didn't do?

You had no choice in where you were born, you did nothing.


Instead, be proud of something you did do.

If you haven't go something to be proud of, do something and be proud of that.


Why put yourself in a box?  We are all human.

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So if I had a child with my Scottish/Irish wife in Japan then my child would be Japanese?

Thought something like this may come up.


If been there and lived for a while, then yes.


In the case of my niece for example, English parents, she was born in Canada, as her dad worked there at the time. She lived there for about 6 months and they came home. Dual nationality, but to everyone, including her, She's English.


Doesn't even say 'aboot' or 'ey' :P


Edit, was going to say the same as stunt too, it doesn't really matter so much :)

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Why put yourself in a box?  We are all human.


As son a more people realise this there will be a lot less conflict in the world! We are all brothers and sisters after all :0)






Unfortunately this is still rife!



 divide and rule (or conquer)

phrase of divide
  1. 1.
    the policy of maintaining control over one's subordinates or opponents by encouraging dissent between them, thereby preventing them from uniting in opposition.
    "the politics of divide and rule in society"
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