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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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*fruitcage* telemarketers. I really want to know who the *fruitcage* sold my number to some panhandling cooking pot peddlers. Seriously, that's not the kind of pot I need, and if I ever *fruitcage* need anything - I AM THE ONE WHO CALLS!


Seriously. Telemarketing should be considered criminal activity.

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ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

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this puts me in the big leagues of boring bastards but I regularly get accident compensation marketing calls... every time I do I work my way down the google results of similar companies, give them a ring, and waste their time for a bit. I normally mumble my postcode, then when they ask me to spell it I just mumble but slowly and loudly, that kind of thing. I then explain the situation. fight the powa

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Not s sure you're fighting anyone with that, mate. Unless you're calling freephone numbers, you're paying for it, not them and it's not costing the company anything.


You're just pissing off some minimum wage call centre monkey whose life is already bad enough - plus, since they're working inbound calls, they're in no way responsible for people phoning you.


I do think that cold calling should be banned, as should the sale or trading of personal data.

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This is usually how it goes when they call me:


"Station three-seven."


"Oh, erm, can I speak to Mr/Mrs/Miss X?"


"I'm sorry sir/ma'am,this is a military facility. I'm going to need to know where you obtained this number. Please transfer me to your manager."



At this point they usually hang up.

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Everyone is so sensitive these days and it irritates me.  Language policing ties everybody up in knots thinking about offending someone rather than actually discussing things.

*fruitcage* your feelings, quite frankly.



Stop being sensitive about feelings.


I'm in my safe space and you can't hurt me.

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I started to waste their time by winding up the caller and they stopped calling.

Well, I pretty much screamed "PUT THAT *fruitcage* POT ON YOUR MORONIC HEAD AND WHACK IT WITH A *fruitcage* BRICK, YOU IDIOT *Ubar*!"

I think they know better than to harass mentally unstable people. And maybe she'll suffer a mental breakdown herself and ditch that job.

Or jump off a bridge, I won't mind that one either.


Also, the news. Jesus *fruitcage* Christ, the local news. Not only the local neo-nazis assaulted a private TV crew at the funeral of a local war criminal hero oh who am I kidding, facts are facts, murdering three villages' worth of people (mostly women and children) during wartime is inexcusable. Everything here's *fruitcage*ed. Making him a hero because he happened to get capped by commies after waging a terror campaign well after the war ended, giving him a *fruitcage* state funeral, not noticing the *fruitcage* neo-nazis and finally brainwashing the dumbest scum in this sick sad country into believing that the private media are controlled by ZE EEEEVIL GAYRMANS.


Seriously, if you got a job and a spot on the couch for me, I think I'll repurpose the money I saved for renovating my bathroom for a plane ticket and I'm *fruitcage* outta here.

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Who was this bloke?


I could do with a batman, can you shine shoes and operate a diary?

Some Home Army officer turned deluded terrorist thinking that the West did give a *suitcase* about Poland after 1945. The commies nabbed him, capped him, and finally dumped him in some anonymous hole, along with some other political prisoners with far better record (for example, the Home Army commander, general August Fieldorf and the man who infiltrated the Auschwitz death camp and spent three years there, gathering intelligence and having people smuggle it out, captain Witold Pilecki).


As for my abilities, I can operate a bottle of liquid shoe polish and provide snarky observations. That enough?

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