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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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In Stunt's Britain the prison system would involve horrible jobs done chained together whilst being guarded by shotgun armed officers on horses (because it's cool).

That's for the last year of your sentence, while you are given intensive job training to rehabilitate you.

After that you are forced to move to a new town where you don't know anybody and integrate.


There would be an impetus to do it of course.


The first part of your sentence (up to the last year) would be served in a prison in North Korea, The Congo, Turkey, China or some other country with no human rights.

The savings would be astonishing.


We could pay China £1000 per month per prisoner and still save an absolute fortune.


I estimate a greater than 50% casualty rate.


I would employ a person to respond to all enquiries from Amnesty, the convict's lawyers or anyone else with the statement:

"They should have thought about that before they..." with their crime at the end.

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Personally I am still in favour of the 'dump prisoners on an island' option, then they can fight and *fruitcage* amongst each other etc and just drop enough food for 75% to start then 75% of what is left, then 50% of what is left, then keep going as mor batches get added and 'removed'.


That or use them for checking for hostile explosives in another country we shouldn't be at in the first place, given the choice I would rather a convicted moron than a family man of two kids and a wife goes bang.


Failing that find Britains 'worst' city or one that is in need of repair, or has a natural moat or such around it, block it off bar one entrance way and put prisoners there.


That way prison is a deterent, however in making these changes e would also have to change the legal system too and ensure that every single person is given the same fair treatment too, so this is a last resort and if it is needed, then the person has gone past the point of attempted re-integration.


Ah well,



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Well, no not quite, but indeed it did start as a prison colony and then moved on.


Though I do agree on only two things about UK prisons, one they should be used as a workforce like the US ones and two a prison should be a prison not a holiday camp and not a replacement for the poor sods that have nowhere else to go due to a combination of Tory Government / bankers / people voting Brexit / unnecessary conflict / other stuff (delete as applicable).



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I'm not sure Stunt's Britain would be described as "Utopian"

Quite - sounds like a fascist nightmare to me!


Edit: semi related: Running Man is an underrated Arnie flick. Hardly see it on TV either. And I am convinced that Children of Men is one of the best sci fi / chase films ever

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How about we also install a reward system instead of only a punitive system?

I don't know the correct therm for jobs with not enough applicants, but let those who study for such a job study for free but with a 10 year contract. Supply free water/gas/electricity as a reward for those doing a good effort.


Yeah. I'm a socialist...

Good effort should be rewarded.

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Quite - sounds like a fascist nightmare to me!


Edit: semi related: Running Man is an underrated Arnie flick. Hardly see it on TV either. And I am convinced that Children of Men is one of the best sci fi / chase films ever



The only difference between a blissful utopia and a fascist nightmare is who's in charge.


I'm waiting for reliable nuclear fusion before I take over.


Back Stunt for benevolent dictator 2020.

I think I'll need about 9 years of things going my way.


After that all the scum will be dead or brain washed and things can go back to democracy.


Proportional representation of course.

With mandatory secularism.

Any law passed for religious reasons will be unconstitutional.


National food will be peanut butter cups.

Roast dinner is being retired.

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