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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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Or at least learn to use Google Maps.

Seriously, I had a situation like that on Sunday. Some kid at the Pokemon Go meet spotted some uncommon Pokemon two streets down, and couldn't navigate for *suitcase*, even with the Google map in front of him. I had to lead him, and all I needed was one look at the map.

What is wrong with people these days? There are street signs! Big stuff like railway stations and *fruitcage*-off huge hotels is marked on Google Maps! All you have to do is look around!


Also, the weather today sucks.

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The bathroom sink faucet cracked and started leaking. I can hardly afford a new one, and apparently the Castorama near my home has run out of wall-mounted faucets.


That, of course, happened after the previous one fell apart due to corrosion.

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So, you know on torches (flashlights to heathens!) when they have 'tactical' bezels, or 'crenelated strike bezels' etc.


Ie the wavy bits at the front that are supposedly designed to *fruitcage* people up and 'gather DNA'?


Yeah, I saw first-hand tonight what one of those does to human flesh...







I dropped mine on my *bramston pickle* foot and it opened my toe up like a burst watermelon. *fruitcage* thing. Was agony.

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You're supposed to use them on *other* people.


Interestingly, I have a 6 D-cell Maglite with one of those bezels as well as a tungston carbide glass breaker tailcap.


In the event I use it to investigate "suspicious noise" at night - how illegal would it be to *fruitcage* up the burglars I find in my house with it? ;)

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As with everything, it depends if you prevent them from escaping (the thieves always try that on in court, after getting a kicking) and if you used reasonable force. Always make sure the call in has the phrase 'threat to life'. Though, to be fair, most low life thieving bastards leg it if caught/disturbed.

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Condolences. You're a bit young to have to deal with that.



Quite a few of my buddies are losing theirs. One of which finds it most unfair that for years I used to abuse my hair with bleach and multicoloured dyes and I still have it all.


Going grey very rapidly though.

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Thanks man, yeah losing it at 23 isn't exactly ideal! I'd probably be OK with starting to lose it at 30.


Thankfully it looks like the anti-mpb medication one can get nowadays is actually fairly successful at severely retarding hair loss, but you have to put up with growth/shedding cycles. I'll book a GP visit in any case.


Worst comes to worst I'll shave it all off and look awful for the rest of my life.

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Losing my hair :(


Going to go full treatment mode I think. Prescription medicine to slow the decline and slowly divert funds for a transplant op or two later down the line. I had no idea this would affect me as much mentally as it has so far!



Embrace it.


Just shave your head and go all Heisenberg on anyone who says anything negative about it.



I was about to say, do you have some kind of problem with baldness?


I resemble that comment.





Don't waste your money, in stead of looking bald you'll just look like a bald guy with plugs and no money.

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In theory it shouldn't be so bad once my beard comes through, which it is (Same chemical, DHT, is linked to both beard growth and mpb) - So I could get lucky that way. Who knows though. It could just be that my hair started to recede and I've only just noticed, rather than full-on hair loss. 

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My hair started to recede at 21 ish and it eventually slowed.. Haven't noticed it getting worse for a while, im 23 coming up 24 at the end of the month. Have a good beard coming along too so not too worrying.


Don't worry about it till it starts getting massive. Went to the Drs and he told me it was in my genes, spoke to my old man and his did the same around the same age and has stopped. He's now 63 and still has a full head of hair albeit white!



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