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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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The software I use is dragon naturally speaking usually it is horrendously expensive and... Generally it's something that takes allot of work most people try it and sack it off because it's 40+ hours of training it minimum.


Heg, I wish I could have a dog but in a beds it it just wouldn't work and when I'm too ill to go out it wouldn't be fair.


Tonk, yeah Iv told him all of this over the years, he understands and will pick up the phone at silly o clock when I get upset, will reassure me when he's helping me with stuff and I'm struggling with the emotional side of it. If I didn't tell him I think it would have broken is up a few times because I can be irrational and easily upset by something as stupid as not being able to open a door lock up without help.


As for the hospital thing... Maybe just remember I'd have to carry it home on public transport *grins* also how would I explain the letter addressed to 'Miss Droid'


I hope that some of that helps you guys if your ever dealing with someone close to you struggling with getting physically worse coz it's really mentally and emotionally a killer because of the pain making you ratty plus getting upset easily and the feeling your failing and drowning

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

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I think am one of those rare people that don't mind baby poo. Had my son shoot his poo right up my leg once (I had his bum slightly raised on the changing matt, so that I could wipe his bum. Little *bramston pickle* shot his *suitcase* up my right leg). I fell about laughing my *albartroth* off. The noise was very comic too.


Good luck with the ivf, Stunt.


Miss Droid, regarding the understanding. Having witnessed my own father go from an active joiner, to a person barely able to walk ten metres without going out of breath, I can understand the frustration. Especially when idiots don't realised the treatments he has had to endure (not mentioning the fact he only has one lung now and that's at 60% capacity), mean certain things just arnt possible anymore.


Understanding can be the hardest thing, people sometimes just have an opinion (regarding people with I juries, a disability or mental health issues) and nothing will change it (for they are ignorant and won't understand until it happens to them).


Small things mean everything, the independence that we take for granted, can be lost in a heart beat. Got in to many arguments with people regarding thier ignorant views and how they affect other people's ability to live.


Rambling here.


Hedge, hope you get it all shorted. Being there for a loved one can be a differcult thing. When my wife's chart was ignored by the nurses looking after her, after the birth of my son, I had to stay away from the hospital. Some bright spark didn't check her blood pressure (even though it stated on her charted to do so, and that she'd lost a lot of blood in theatre), and as such she collapsed face first on to the floor. Luckily she wasn't holding our son at the time (he had been taken away by a support nurse, long story).


Though, I have had some positive experiences in hospital. Nurses listening to an old man's story about his grandchildren. Doctors trying their best to allow terminally ill patiences to do one last concert or football match. But this shouldn't distracted from malpractice.


I strongly believe, if you *fruitcage* up, no matter who you are, or what you represent, you should be held accountable for that *fruitcage* up.

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People don't seem to get that just coz I can do x once a week or a couple of times a month doesn't mean I can do y


The way people automatically judge me and assume I'm useless because of the disability.


The one thing that really hurts is hearing friends ask my boyfriend 'when will droid get better' or 'is para still ill'


The way people think about disability is really sad really frustrating because sof the fact that at times I have to upset people because they try to help and don't understand that 'helping' only really makes things worse allot of the time. The way people 'helping' me by grabbing my chair handles affects me, the way it makes me feel and that it usually makes things harder are all really difficult things to explain to people and it's kind of frustrating because in most cases people aren't doing it to be condescending or to patronise their doing it thinking their doing something positive but... Allot of people do it in a way that strips me of my humanity. Especially when I do have to upset people to get them to stop 'helping' because the reaction seems to be that I'm a bad person for getting upset, I just need to accept the help in the spirit it's offered to make others feel good apparently.


You all understand and I dunno I hope that me rambling on about all of this actually helps you guys understand the people in your life with long term health issues a bit better I guess.


You're right I'd me much less bitter and angry if they'd just admitted at the time that they *fruitcage*ed up but organisations don't like being accountable anymore so they just... Dodge the issue.


The only time I wish my disability onto people is when people park in disabled bays without a legitimate need. Especially when they're abusing a badge to do so.


It's kind of a shame tax discs aren't a thing anymore as a friend of mine from some disability athletics events had a response that used to make me laugh myself sick whenever I saw him do it.


He had a huge roll of stickers in his car perfectly sized to cover a tax disc and usually using some industrial superglue on meth kind of strength epoxy. Usually some variant of 'I use the spaces because I'm so *fruitcage* stupid I should qualify for a badge' or 'you've got my space *beep* want the disability too?'


He'd cover the disc and just go along with his day and eventually Carma would get that *albatross*.

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Droid, you made another very good point. People who automatically think they are helping, without checking if said help is needed and/or wanted.


Not going to use names here. I was at a bar with my mate (we'll call him Bill) and a bloke comes over and gives him some money (a note). My mate responds with 'what am I supposed to do with that?'. Bill has a disability (again, not going into specifics) and this other person thought he was being nice by giving him money. Needless to say everything was alright in the end and the samaritan learned a lesson.


If you offer help and the other person declines, that's the end of it. Don't get in a huff.


Forgot to put in my long post last night, that when my wife fell face first she was sitting in a chair (wasn't getting up) and the table on wheels cushioned her fall.

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My 5 year old niece has stopped asking when her aunt will get better.


It's sad, really, but on the plus side, she's growing up familiar with chronic illness and she doesn't freak out like some kids do when she sees someone in a wheelchair or wearing oxygen tubes in public or whatever.

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Il keep you in my thoughts mate, it's isn't it things like cancers that tear at people and also put their family and friends through the hell of stress and emotional turmoil feeling useless and powerless.


If you need anything Stunt... Just msg me and if you want to talk to someone about the affect its having on you at any point i can either listen or pass you over to the boy whose got some experience with supporting people as their dealing with the turmoil physical and mental on the person and on their supporters/friends annea

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Here's my rant, about a subject less serious than the above.


I live in a shared house.


Month and a half ago we get a lady move in who's considerably older than us - 48.


She is also a bit nuts, which is fine (I after all have 4k+ posts on a toy gun discussion forum) and heavily christian, singing those songs on the gituar etc etc. All fine


Anyway she said that she'd be moving out to try "something new" but was pretty evasive as to what that was - turns out she is becoming a nun.


We had a chat about it and it was clear that she had really, really cold feet. We talked about our beliefs (I am an atheist and absurdist) which was quite interesting, I urged to her to at least give it a go. The worst case scenario, I said, is that you can leave. Nuns aren't gonna kidnap you. I also suggested that it would probably be a really interesting experience, and that it would be a short term sacrifice of freedom for greater freedom in the future (she wants to go abroad and do religious charity work etc)


Anyway so she goes off to the Nun place (I'm gonna call it a nunistry) for a two week trial period and got back day before yesterday, with a book for me. "The Case for Christ". If you've ever read any Christian apologetic work, it's basically like that. I thumbed through it and it is absolute tosh - it is something that children can read (probably so they can be indoctrinated but whatever!)


Anyway that was that and the book is sat in my room. Maybe I'll keep reading it, maybe not. 


Then yesterday she comes back from work and gives me a *fruitcage* Alpha Course leaflet, which I rejected. 


Sounds lame but I think that was pretty disrespectful of her. We had a chat about beliefs, ideologies and so forth and all I did was offer my encouragement to become a nun! I didn't try and talk her into hedonist atheism or anything.  Don't try and convert me you mad woman!!


Anyway so I came out my bedroom this morning in my pants and she covered her eyes! "I can't look, I'm becoming a nun!" so I told her to enjoy it whilst she still can.


FWIW I also live with a Muslim and he is never tried to sell me on Islam haha. He doesn't drink and only eats halal meat but is super, super gay so work that one out! 
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