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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

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Kenya Isn't too bad.  We got attacked by Al Shabab last time I was there, threw a grenade at us from a motorbike, but that's because we were a group of 30 white contractors crowded round a coffee shop using wifi.


Easy target.  

I've never heard of a huge crackdown on gays in Kenya.



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Most apologetic work isn't great until the stuff gets into the more modern viewpoint. Christianity as a system of ethics as opposed to as a religion. Unfortunately most modern 'liberal' and/or 'tolerant' (self described whilst sneering at people like me who are Catholic) are indoctrinated from age 11 or so that their primary duty is evangelical in nature. Evangelical in the acts sense not the church doctrine sense I mean.


Fr those Christians they take the 'love the word and carry the light' message to its extremes and are taught every conversation is a means of evangelising and they are encouraged to use their relationships with non Christian friends as a springboard for evangelism. I hate it it's awful and it is damaging to friendships and people because they see that purpose as a duty that overrides everything else so will turn convos to Christianity and push people. I hate Cold contact evangelism more (the doorknocker brgade and the end is nigh preacher in the street approach)


Both damage the rep of Christianity cold contact because it's *fruitcage* annoying and the friendship type because it gives Christians an image of being fake and almost pyramid/MLM using people.


In terms of evangelism I subscribe to the 'your life may be the only bible anyone sees' and try to be a good person living by NT rules. I don't know why people use Leviticus as justification for calling things sins or to mock Christianity with the you hate gays so but eat shellfish hypocrite type insults. Levticus as with the rest of the Old Testament rules don't apply because the covenant was fulfilled by the blood of the lamb so their only really worth reading as a history of what happened before salvation.


Homosexuality is mentioned as a sin in the NT BUUUUUUT the sin isn't so much the act of homosexual sex it's about making the love of/the desire of something more important than your relationship with the Christian sky wizard at least according to some readings,


Laying with your own gender is something that was in Leviticus because of the spreading of disease basically Leviticus for the most part was telling people not to do stuff In order to protect them

From things they didn't understand. In the 13th century we couldn't prove that what controls us wasn't put together from a compound of 4 humours described by Galen in accordance with alchemical research. (Blood, black vile, yellow bile and phlegm) which waxe and wane and therefore cause disease and disability through imbalances


Blood - Playful hopefulness course

Yellow bile - anger passion

Black - despondent analytical

Phlegm - peaceful patient


So we and they couldn't go. Pork goes bad in the desert sun easily so pork consumption makes people sick, shellfish go off real quick and can kill people so blanket bans are put in because we see people who are x die quick but

Dunno how or if swallowing pork is why and that guys that *fruitcage* guys have genitalia that go manky or after they start *fruitcage* guys they go mad So blanket banning it makes sense plus the idea more kids = better odds you'll get a boy that lives past 1 means not encouraging it makes sense


Leviticus is done with it was shocking me and a huge change a more open life of individual choice the rules a restrictive punishment bargain showing gods love and our awe at the gift given.


To those Militants who believe in the verse from L my response as a fellow Christian (even though they mostly think I'm not because cult of Mary etc etc etc) Iv always found being stoned helps when I sleep with a girl.


I tend to treat the bible as allegory and a guide to living a better life rather than taking it all literally and hate the casual disrespect that was shown by that woman with the alpha course BS Plus the alpha course isn't particularly helpful for the type of person with an analytical mind who questions and it's theology isn't one I really agree with its too wishy washy and vague in some areas and preaches literal on some bits allegory in others.


I have an unconventional view on Christianity as I subscribe to the ethics code and allegory view and I really hope their is a higher power who loves me unconditionally even though I'm broken as a person easily tired sarcastic can be nasty and spiteful and I'm bitter and angry. Having faith has helped me more than its hurt me and in hard times the church has helped me through people brought into my path (I met the one specialist whose helping and not useless) on pilgrimage to Lourdes and Iv had the chance to do amazing things (I apparently inspired a group of kids to reach for their goals coz I went on pilgrimage but I worked it despite being physically worse than many of the people taking the waters on that trip) I'd like

To think their is a path and a plan but it's been hard over the years especially with *rickroller* Christians who preach stuff like sims of the father and the body being soul to the body and failings in character are reflected in the body.


The apologetics can be useful and worth reading though more as a study of the theology than a tool for helping someone find their Way/path. My theory All roads lead to the centre and we all walk our paths at different rates and and times the prayer maze is a perfect example of that. For example.


The faith has been used to do great evil but can be used and has been used for great wonder and good.


Kenya - it is illegal and he may be killed randomly as punishment for his 'crime' and the fact it is a crime is . Africa as a whole tends to be more extreme in its faiths because it's a great tool for control (in the Roman style the tribe leader declared beliefs) manner and an overall poorly educated population depending on one or two well educated leaders



. Islam is very very different to Christianity and how it treats homosexuality is one of them, Christianity - the act is the sin not the state of being, the fact I am really attracted to the actress who plays The girl in 50 first dates, Tazz from RWTV or 'leah the Airsoft unicorn' is fine the act of sexual intimacy would be the sin depending on wording and viewpoint (in my belief structure a relationship of casual sex would be the sin) if I was celibate/doing it in a love based environment it would be fine


In Islam the State of being homosexual is the son, no sex is needed, just being gay is enough however you get weird views like the Afgan *fruitcage* a guy isn't gay, loving the guy like a wife isn't fine. So see,holding hands etc is fine it's the Love that makes it evil.


There's allot f positives in Christianity but some needs purging TBH.


It's really interesting to look at the theology of the rules that mainstream church teach compared to what the meaning is.


The casual disrespect is awful and she needs her *albatross* kcked for

That view that that's ok.


'Lord Protect my from

Your *fruitcage* followers' is my most recent favourite prayer for a reason. I'm sorry you dealt with that kind of *beep*.

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