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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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The WE Hi Capa. Or rather, the attitude some people have to it. I am so sick of hearing about how it's as good as the TM, and it's the same price but full metal, so what a great saving! Yeah, apart from it having poor gas efficiency and a slide that moves about as fast as some mutha *fruitcage* trying to ice skate uphill.


Also, if it's so great, why are their any number of threads with people asking for help on their WE Hi Capa that's stopped working? It's a low quality copy of a great gun. Let's stop bigging it up just because it's metal.



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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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Because I was stating my opinion - It just looks fake IMO. Don't be a twat  :rolleyes:  .


My apologise's.


Right, chavs now they are now hanging down the road where the off licence is, now thanks to them i have to walk quite a few miles to go to a newsagent to either tobacco, rolling papers or matches, will they ever get lost! :angry:

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Bleedin romans, Why can they not make a decent as installed record?

Now I'm having to re-route a pipe layout because the Romans could'nt record the correct location of the Antonine wall <_<

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yeah, but aside from the sewers...


Work. Thats what I hate. Being so far up the swanny with a Visa card (thank you, Homeland Insecurity, for ruining my finances, its greatly appreciated...) that you have to come to work everyday at a job you're ambivalent at best about simply because its the only one that pays enough.


being an entire ocean away from a decent pint... :(

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Parcel Force...again...


I sent them an email enquiry to locate a package coming from Finland, about a week ago. It was delivered early last week.


Half an hour ago, I received...


> Dear James


> Thank you for using our website.


> I have checked the tracking information on the parcel number that you have

> supplied and I’m very sorry but there is no record of this item arriving

> within the UK.


> As the item has not arrived within the UK we have no tracking details to

> outline where the parcel is and no jurisdiction to search for the item.


> I advise you to check with the sender or the country of origin, to

> establish when and how they sent the parcel, and it’s due delivery date.


> If you need us to investigate further, we can do so once the parcel is in

> the UK, providing it was sent on a trackable service. The information that

> we will require to perform this search is the parcel tracking number;

> country of origin; delivery address including postcode; contact name and

> telephone number; parcel contents and value.


> If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us

> again using one of the methods below:


> E-mail us at: parcelforce@parcelforce.co.uk

> If sent to any other email address a reply will not be received.

> Please ensure that any replies include the full history to enable us to

> deal with your enquiry.


> Telephone:  08708 50 11 50

> Text phone: 08000 85 58 54 (for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

> Fax:            01924 294 205


> Kind Regards


> Andrew Metcalfe


> Internet Advisor.


I replied...


Dear Andrew,


Thanks for finally responding to my support request.


I have checked my house and I'm very sorry but there is no need for your late response because the item you have apparently got no record of was delivered to my house about half a week ago.


As the item has already bloody arrived within the UK, the fact that you have no tracking details to outline where the parcel is is absolutely p*ss-poor, and a prime example of why Parcel Force is without a doubt the shoddiest courier outfit I have ever dealt with.


I advise you to check with your superiors, to establish when and how they last updated their tracking software, and when they are due to invest more money in actually making it slightly functional.


If you need me to investigate further, I can do so right now, providing you are willing to listen without breaking down in tears at how utterly pathetic your service really is. The information that I require to perform this investigation is information that I already have - knowledge of past dealings with your company by myself and others. Using this information, I can immediately come to the conclusion that your organisation (or rather, lack thereof) is an embarrassment and a total joke.


If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me again using one of the methods below:


E-mail me at: ********@gmail.com

If sent to any other email address a reply will not be received, no matter how much you may wish this to be the case.

Please ensure that any replies include the full history to enable us to deal with your enquiry.


Telephone:  "Sorry, our telephone system is actually down at the moment"



Kind Regards


J**** A*******


P*ssed-Off Customer

Let's see if they dignify it with a reply. Somehow I doubt it.

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Ok, it's now time for my go at this 'rant' thing.


Nose hair. I mean I know I need it for filtering dust and other atmospheric pollutants from the air but why does it have to grow so long it can look like i've stuffed a cat up each one of my nostrils! It also hurts like hell when I pluck it.


MPV's. People who drive their kids to school or else where in their massive MPV's. I drive for a living and don't give a stuff about 4X4's it's the MPV crowd that need a slap. They seem to think that they are invulnerable and that the rules of the road don't apply to them. No indication can stop to let their poisonous brood out when ever and where ever they like.

I need a dispensation so I can run them over without conviction.

Have less kids and use normal cars you breeders!


My ex-wife:- skanky ho! (Don't let the little head do the thinking.)


And last but not least. Being fat, ugly & lazy with the personality of a buffalo with tooth ache. I find it a hindrance with the ladies.




(Wahoo! My 50th post. Rep points here I come)

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Thinking you've found a bargain, then finding something better for the same price a week later.  <_< Scope's spring to mind currently.

Hehe, i can think of a good example of that.


A friend brought a new bike that he thought was a low price, 2 days later it was reduced by £100.


The look on his face when i told him that :D

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My Dad: The grown ups are away for the weekend, so he picks up the mobile to take with. Problem being, he picks up MY mobile!

And seeing as I have the day off today, and am meeting up with damn near everyone I know, I would kinda need my mobile. Just cos I havn't got it!

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Right now this is something I have been noticing more and more of recently. The absolute ###### that they are showing kids on TV these days.


I mean back in the day when we were kids it was things like the Turtles or Scooby Doo or the Ghost Busters, Spiderman and the Xmen. I mean these things had a story line, often had mysteries for kids to work out they were not minless they were just simplified adult stories. There, fine, that sounds like fine shows to let kids watch, they encourage some mental activity.


So what on gods sweet earth are they showing them the ###### that they watch nowadays for. WTF is up with programs like Dexters lab and grim and evil. Basicaly the same thing happens in every episode, not much of that happens and it is all unimaginative ######s. I mean sure when we were kids we had SOME repetative nonsense like Wacky races and Catch the Pidgeon, but now it seems like ALL the cartoons are like that. With the exeptions of very few programs like X Men Evolution.


I remember a few years ago if you got up early at like 8 O'clock on a saturday there were Anime's on for a couple of hours on Toonami/CNX. Now I was never a big fan of Anime but it was imaganative, and was kind of inteligent, even though some shows did get a bit 'samey' after a while, but I used to enjoy some of the shows like Tenchi Muyo (as you may have guessed) and Dragon Ball Z.


I was up early last week and what is on at 8 o clock on a saturday morning FIVE FRUITCAGING HOURS OF POKEMON. I mean honestly, while pokemon wasn't the worst of cartoons who is going to sit and watch five hours of it. Good god, when I was 10 it was a struggle to get through 30 minutes of it without cringing in embarressment, never mind 5 hours. I feel sorry for any arents that have got up early with their kids and let them put the telly on, and then they have to watch 5 HOURS of a program thats basicaly encouraging bloodsports like Cockfighting.


I remember a few years ago there was a program on CBBC I cant remember what it was called, but it was witten by a cop who had been got up by his toddler and had had to sit through the drivel that they put on childrens television and he wrote his own show and it got animated and put on telly and everything. I mean personaly had I been a permanant script writer for childrens telly I would have taken that as a hint to get my *albartroth* in gear and start producing some quality programing. But no they produce more of the same mindless ###### that they were producing beforehand not only that they produce more of it.


Were I in charge of this country I would merge BBC 1 and 2 then we would have maybe 2 hours of decent prgraming a day, then I would make BBC 2 a channel for fully independant script writers and whatever. Chosen from the public who write scripts and whatnot, there are minimal changes made by any TV Bureocracy and we cut most of them out of it together. Sure some of the programs might fail but we would get some unique and interesting programs. Not just some ###### head producers sat around saying lets make a cop show but we will make the cops old/gay/ethnic minorities/midgets whatever, and 90% of the time we get the same ###### (Admitedly life on Mars worked).


And this leads me to another gripe. Doctor Who, I mean the recent storys were good, but they were not doctor who material, they were material for The Twilight Zone (or wthe modern equivalant).


I absolutely despair. To the extent I am considering writing an angry letter to every television company I can find.

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