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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

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Operation make it 20m down the high street without being hassled by people with clipboards/selling big issues .




Clipboard person: Hi, how are you doing?

Me: Fine thanks

Clipboard person: Could you talk to me for a moment?

Me:No, sorry

Clipboard person: Come on, you could stop for 1 minute?

Me:No thanks.

Clipboard person: Just enough time for me to get your contact details.


By this point I had walked too far ahead to respond.


And then to have to go through a similar thing with the guys further down the street. You can't even cross over to avoid them as theres people on both sides of the street.

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My time to rant:


I have just been diagnosed with a Liver disease. So, in order to get the best doctors, I have to make a trip up to Minnesota, and stay at a clinic for about a week. Here's the kicker--my employer won't let me go.


It's keep my job, and let my Liver destroy itself, or lose my job and get back in good health.


What a crock of *fruitcage* bull *beep*.

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Well according to your profile, you're 19. So presumably your job isn't that special. If you really want to have the best doctors, just quit your job and get another one after. Although it's odd that they won't give you time off, surely you're entitled to sick leave?

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Apparently not. Part-Time, "no benefits", and they told me I had "attendence problems" :huh: I only missed two days, one because I was sick, the other because of the doctor appointment that found that damn Liver disease.


My job is special to me, because it took me damn near a year to finally get one <_<

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IIRC even part time jobs are entitled to ~ 4 weeks unpaid holiday a year in the UK, is there nothing like that in the US?


HA! Not on your life. I wish there was something like that, but they don't give a *beep* about you anyways.

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My flip-flops have kept turning up in my room. These are shoes I prefer to have by the door so in case I have to run out (after the dog or something), and I'd keep my slippers for just walking around the house on my feet or in my bedroom. So far, I've forgotten to leave them upstairs twice despite wearing them, and then I finally leave them upstairs. Now, I put my feet up, and somehow they're now on my feet! I have no idea how they got there. Pretty funny I guess...


Okay, I'm bored. I left my propane adapter at a relative's house 30 miles away, so I won't be able to get it for a couple days.

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I think the only holidays I get are the ones that they're required by law not to make you work on.

Surely your liver destroying itself would count as a medical emergency, and your employer would ergo be required to let you go anyway?


Would he rather have a dead employee in a few months, or an employee who misses a couple of weeks and then returns at full strength for an indefinite amount of time?

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You know what's pissing me off at this moment? There's some dumbass kid flaming a fellow airsofter for owning inert ammunition, AND USING THE SAME REASONS WE'VE HAD THROWN AT US. You know, the "what do you need replica guns for? Do you think you're real soldiers" ######. Frankly, morons like this are people the sport can well do without.



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moths, theyre disgusting and when you kill them they leave a powdery residue everywhere.


I shot one, and that only made it worse... :(


Related to the thread, people with nothing better to do than to report airsoft on private property. (ours, not theirs) The police then have to come down, get all our info and we then explain etc etc. These people need to find better things to do. It's not like they benefit from us not playing.



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chopsticks do indeed kick *albatross*. it does, however, require practice to eat rice efficiently with them though. i learned to use chopsticks before a fork though, so no worries.


my personal rants:

-stupid people. if a person needs signs above stairs that says "watch step" or labels on coffee cups that says "warning:hot" or pictures of a stick figure curling her eyelashes with a curling iron with a big X through it on curling iron labels, then he/she deserves the consequence. people in america sue over everything. it's just simply out of fashion to take responsibility for your own actions anymore.

-people who suddenly decide when you are taking an off-ramp that when you have nowhere to go but the side of the road that that is the best time to merge.

-people who merge into your lane without blinkers or looking over their shoulders. how do these people get their licenses?

-loud-a$$ gangster wannabes who yell their fraternity chant across campus cuz they think they are the s***.

-people who go to a UC, are in a fraternity, and think they are all hard because one of their chapters in some community college, full of individuals they have never met before in their lives, committed some atrocity/hazing.

-people who turn their bass up so loud that it looks like a giant vibrating dildo. i have a sub in my car, but i don't try to reach aliens with it, now do i?

-the question kid in class

-rich, spoiled brats who are infernally convinced that they are right

-class 3 obesity individuals eating enough food to feed africa at KFC

-people having a deep, meaningful conversation as they ssslllloooowwwllllyyy walk across the road.

-people who don't exercise and complain that their health and weight aren't improving

-people who cannot grasp the concept that if you will not spend your money for me in christmas or my birthday on something that i consider useful because you think it is useless, then i will do the same for you. you buy people stuff they WANT on christmas and their birthdays, NOT what YOU want them to have.

-the tv show my super sweet 16. 16 year old girls getting a party that costs about as money as a decade's worth of salary for the average individual, getting a brand spanking new BMW and complaining it's the wrong color, then complaining about and bringing up stupid high school drama s*** at their parties.

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people who are so unimaginably stupid that repeatedly saying the words 'go away *fruitcage* face!' only makes them smile and carry on talking at me. i mean, cmon people is it honestly that hard to walk away and leave me alone? he knows i don't like him or any or his 'friends' and yet because one of my mates showed him some sympathy he started airsoft (i don't have a problem with that, anyone can start if they want - just to be clear) and tries to talk to me every time he is near me! it is enough to make me batter my head against a wall i am that frustrated with it (not HIM, IT! he is so damn fugly). ooooh it makes me mad :angry:

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-the tv show my super sweet 16. 16 year old girls getting a party that costs about as money as a decade's worth of salary for the average individual, getting a brand spanking new BMW and complaining it's the wrong color, then complaining about and bringing up stupid high school drama s*** at their parties.

Yeah I've seen that show, some of the parties were rediculously OTT. I remember one show where the girl arrived at the party on a throne carried by four men.

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