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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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I have pneumonia and tonsillitis caused by a chest infection.

I worked all week out in the cold trying to tough it out, turns out I should heve gone to hospital on Wednesday.


As I told the doctor of my symptoms, she just looked more and more dumbfounded that I hadn't done anything about it.


I feel terrible.

I had that for a few weeks, I was coughing so hard that I threw up blood and mucus.

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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Yeah, I coughed until I vomited a couple of times.





Hope you get out before Xmas.

Sadly, I'm thinking Wifey won't. She's been in over a month now, no end in sight... :(


You never know...


I'm not actually in hospital now, they kicked me out for not being serious enough.


That's what you get for making jokes I guess <rimshot>

I'm here all week.

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Got into work this morning and was told I was being let go, effective immediately. 4 days left on my 3 month probationary period. No paid holiday (I should have gotten 10 days over Christmas and the New Year) and I'm going to be effectively only paid for half of the month. Fantastic.

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Bloody hell.


Why does *suitcase* like this keep happening to you?


Do you greet colleagues every morning with choke slams?


Roundhouse kicks?


First time I've ever been fired from a job.


They gave some very vague and illogical reasons, which I suspect is code for "We don't really have a good reason or we have a reason but if we told you what it was you could sue us".

There have been quite a few members of staff leaving quietly over the last few weeks, perhaps they were given their notice, but I had literally 4 days left of my 3 month probationary period so I just got the summary boot.


I suspect they knew for a while that they wouldn't be keeping me on board but decided to let me work through the busiest part of the month. No one is hiring right now because it's the *fruitcage* week before Christmas and I've already booked tickets to take my girlfriend back to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year in the middle of Feb.


Which means I'm double-*fruitcage*ed now, as I doubt any employer will want to take someone on in the new year who is going to be taking a 2 week holiday nearly right away - either I don't work until March or I loose out on £1200 worth of plane tickets and off my family.


So I have 2 and a half months of no income to look forwards to at the very least, plus my savings are *fruitcage*ed because I've already bought and sent Christmas presents.

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Same thing happened to me when I had a "temp job" - literally on the last day of my contract they phoned me in the morning an hour before my shift and said "don't come in, ever." I still had the key to my locker and everything. They didn't seem to care.


My team leader was apparently surprised, as was everyone else. Everyone had been working on the understanding that all the temps would be converted to regular employees. This was not the case. It was nothing to do with our work, performance, attitude or anything else. The company then hired a load more temps. It was purely a cost cutting measure.


This is the actual result of the government's change to the law regarding temps, which gives them all the same rights as regular employees after 13 weeks - it means they all get replaced after 12 weeks.


Who cares that it takes several weeks to train a new starter and get them up to speed? Who cares that performance and morale suffers? The management literally only care about the bottom line.

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At the very least it helps you identify *suitcase* companies you wouldn't want to work for anyway if that's the way they operate.  Most likely the tip of the iceberg of you would have to put up with if you worked there.

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Well yes, but a job is a job. And beats being unemployed - normally.


In my case, the job and team were fine, as I said everyone was shocked. My team leader wasn't even informed ahead of time, she actually phoned me to see where I was when I hadn't showed up for work. Bizzare.


Today's annoyance though: the consultant came round and told the wife there's basically no chance of her being home for Xmas. So that's pants.

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My job mirrors these comments too much.  Instead of giving folks full time or god forbid 30 hours a week they just keep hiring more folks as others leave.  Heard from another coworker how they would struggle to retain enough folks to get through the winter and then when they finally have a sizable amount of people they'd just start letting people go full knowing they would be screwed again trying to get the amount of people needed again.


As for the holidays I am actively trying to avoid them to the detriment of my family supposedly.  After the car accident and all the other *suitcase* I just want to curl up and never wake up, but if they insist on keeping me around because of how it would look bad on them if I was dead, than *fruitcage* off with the constant attempts to push me towards this or that.

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The closer it gets to Christmas Day, the more I realise I *fruitcage* hate it.


Up until my mid/late 20's I loved it. Really did, 20+ seated at Christmas Day etc, it was ace. But then *suitcase* got real, family members started dropping like flies and it's just not the same.


I'm making a big effort as my boy is 4 and it's about him, not me. But in reality, if he wasn't here, I'd happily work Christmas day and it would be like any other.


And I feel like an *albartroth* saying that as we are hosting it this year and my wife is sorting loads of things* but I've just totally changed in the last 8 or so years.





*all of the things. 13 seated so a few folk. I'm still working on the dining room too...

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Sounds like you need an out bud.  Had you considered joining the forces?  Something like that would get you out of your slump.  You never know, you might find your calling. 


Thought about it over the years but 26 now and it doesn't appeal to me anymore even if I had the health for it, nothing does really.


There is no calling out there for me, despite how much folks insist there is one for everyone.  I just do *suitcase* work and wait to go be bored at home.


Which is happening today on my first of regular two days off before coming back to holiday madness this latter half of the week.


Not a single bloody console shooter with a Bizon that I can enjoy these days...

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If all else fails, go somewhere remote. 
I've looked at Iceland before, just to get away for a few months. There are websites that offer jobs at foreigners because Icelanders can always use somebody in the winter to look after their animals apparently.


On the other hand, finding friends in Northern EU and the long dark winters might make it challenging.

Just make sure you're willing to change. 

Just saying, your current place in the world might suck, try a new area. Something that keeps you busy.


It's a last call though, because It's life changing. 


It's a cliché like Walter Mitty's trip, but it works.

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Just got my final payslip from the people who fired me on Monday. 8 hours short. Fantastic.

You really have the worst of luck with employers, and the stuff you post about them properly boiled my . Mainly because decent human beings just seem to get dicked on by *suitcase* human beings. I've never been anywhere near to what you are going through, but genuinely hate incompetence and *fruitcage*ery, of which you have had far more than necessary...

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Fired just before Christmas, that is *fruitcage*ering low (it's low all year round, but during a season that is known for having a depressing effect on some, is pretty *suitcasey*).


Broke a mag release on my glock 19. Well, it's just the spring so not all bad, but *fruitcage* annoying seeing as I just fixed the leak in the mag.

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