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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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It is perhaps hard to feel it as much when it has been going on and off for the past 6 months or so.  Any time my mother goes down to visit her she seems to come back to life briefly but then a day or say later it goes "took a turn for the worst."  Now that it is definitive I sort of feel like I would rather her be allowed to pass peacefully rather than go through a shutdown that is only being ignored through painkiller injections apparently.

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Thanks fellas.

As my mother pointed out to me earlier today, we have kinda been mourning her passing months in advance somewhat, and at the moment we are indeed trying to continue life onward.  Most of the proceedings are being handled by my mother's siblings (though the wife of one is apparently hijacking things) so it really just a matter of being on good mind whenever I am needed.  In fact I have considered trying to go out to any games I can the next few weekends (as the main memorial service isn't till a few weeks from now apparently).

So probably expect another gearbox rant at some point probably, better source of venting than most of life's problems.

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Had to spend three hours of my life on a "course" that covers what our regular electronic learning refreshers do (don't be a *rickroll*, don't discriminate).


On my day off, with no reparations and it was also the day I was meant to get my fridge delivered.


Very unhappy with Head Office, as per usual they're a bunch of silly people.

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Airsoft yesterday did not go as well as the weekend before, and it kinda dampened my enthusiasm.  Nothing seemed to really have effective use all day, we had 130+ people at one point so it was a bit too chaotic for a rec game, etc.  The main kalash just doesn't feel like it is lobbing anything decently, the rpk still isn't really a lmg, and the ak104/5 kept shooting to the right (and I know I have the hop up chamber centered on it).

Then on the way home my 2002 buick lesabre's belt broke and so I lost power to most things whilst on the highway, much fun there.  Dad had me park at some gas station he knew off and went to get another belt and we struggled far too long to get it on, only for it too imediately snap before I go a mile.  Ended up trying to coast it home.  I can only guess it is the tension pulley considering I just pried it off and the bearings in it are all broken.  Will have to see if a replacement fixes the issue of the belt smoking and then breaking instantly.

All in all a *suitcase* weekend.

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5 hours ago, Gunmane said:

Then on the way home my 2002 buick lesabre's belt broke and so I lost power to most things whilst on the highway, much fun there. 

You really had my interest until I looked at the 2002 model. I've a 'thing' for the 1959. It looks like a Triumph Vitesse on steroids! I had 2 Triumph 13/60 Heralds. The resemblance to the 1959 Buick LeSabre is noticeable.

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