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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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On a similar note.  I find it mind boggling we're still burying our dead.  We live on a tiny island, land prices are ridiculous and you want to waste space with corpses?  I'm guessing these people that are so into burial don't know people are doubled buried on the same plot and then moved after x years.  You might as well have been cremated straight off the bat. 

If you want to take up space, I'm sure a country with large, open areas used for nothing can accommodate you.

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16 hours ago, amateurstuntman said:

Opt out of organ donation?
You are opting out of the NHS.

Get yourself some insurance fella.


This needs to be law. 

When are you running for overlord?

I find it mad that people get so touchy over a vessel they no longer inhabit.

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Dont burn your dead, decompose them.
In big vats. Burning wastes a lot of energy. Energy that could be given to plants and trees trough nutrition.

I'd like to be burried in a burial forrest. Having a big oak growing out of my navel ^^. Seen the idea somewhere. Looks good. Instead of walking trough a granite park they call a semetary, you can walk trough a forrest. And you give life, again.

If you need land, try installing these things that break waves, so your coastlines don't erode as fast.
Dunno how else to say it, but I don't mean to be aggressive. Its just... Why doesn't the UK do that?

Ps, yes, harvest organs fron suitable dead. But in this egocentric worlds all we get is the holy 'me'. We haven't seen nationwide big miserie for too long, I sometimes think. Nothing like miserie to bring people together... Somewhat.

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Effing effcake Finnish Post.

Bought something off a mate here, and with the tracking number and everything was going fine. Then the parcel arrives in Finland, and Finnish Post refuises to acknowledge international tracking codes, so I have no diea where the parcel is or where to pick it up or anything... Until today, when it was apparently scanned to FInnish system when -it was being delivered out of country for returns-.

I am frumious like a bandersnatch and looking for a good EU and international postal contract lawyer to ream Finnish Posti out without lubrication and with brush wire tool...

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Wasn't just week or two, 5th to 30th July. But they don't deliver parcels anymore, you need to pick them up from somewhere, and to be able to pick it up, you need to know the Finnish Post tracking number, because they are too good for international standards.

I never got the Finnish tracking #, and the international (French) number only showed up on Finnish Posti tracking today, when it had headed out of Finland back to sender.

I know there is a field for the international tracking #, since it works when parcels go through Customs, and they put both tracking numbers down for the parcel in the system. Finnish Posti doesn't bother with that, and since it as within EU, Customs didn't get to make things right for Posti...



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That's a disgrace.

They're paid to deliver things, that's their job.
Yeah, not anymore. Postal services are mostly logistic and administration services from hub to hub now. They hire contractors for the actual delivery now-a-days. Which means customer contact isnat minimum. They like that.

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More funsies (not). 

Last Wednesday, while I was giving some medical samples for follow-up labs, I managed to collapse. Got hospitalized, and then both a nasty, nasty gall stone and an icky, icky ginfected gall bladder were removed in surgery. 

Silver lining, at least neither should bother me ever again after recovery is over. And silver core of the cliud, Finnish socialized medicine both works and is cheap enough I don't have to split my collections to cover costs. So nay for having been really sick, but yay for it being on my, and other taxpayers, shoulders. 

And yeah, the ball on that parcel was really dropped by tge Finnish Posti main logistics not seeing the chain through. 

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Mrs Tink had her 12 week scan today. I was excited to share a scan of a tiny Tink with you all.

Instead I got a tearful phone call saying that there's no heartbeat.


Turns out tiny tink hasn't grown for about 5 weeks, and Mrs Tink's body just hasn't realised, which means we have all the trauma of the actual miscarriage to come.


I have no words.



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