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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Legal advice has been sought, we're awaiting the Barrister's (yes, it turns out that the wife actually knows a Barrister, that's handy) opinion on the information she's requested.


Apparently the actual technician who did the first scan has since retired and passed away, and the gynecologist has also retired...


In a more general sense, I've never understood the resistance of doctors to carry out tests to prove themselves right when they're insisting on something that you (or someone else) is arguing against. Especially when the test is so cheap and routine. Just *do* it, even if you think it's going to be negative, because then you have that result to show the people involved. It's happened multiple times in my experience...


I can't fathom why the doctor didn't look at the scan results after they'd been done. Apparently they weren't printed out, but would have been easy to access on the computer. I also don't understand why the technician didn't tell us the result there and then, from what I've gathered it's fairly standard to let people view their pregnancy scan in real time. At 16 weeks we'd have been able to see limbs and movement... So why weren't we shown it?


It's just crazy...



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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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Hedge, I've been through a medical negligence investigation and totally understand how you're feeling.

If you persue it, it will take a while, and will be stressful for you both. Frustration will abound and you may not win if they close ranks and cover each others arses and alter records as happened with us.

Not trying to put you off, and I say go for it and attack with full force. Jgot wood, ust giving a heads up. Also to avoid costs, try a no win, no fee firm as I'm guessing your barrister friend may not go all the way for free. I can pass on the firm we used if you want, they were excellent even though they didn't win the case.

Got wood, hope you get sorted too. I've had to live with an ex until the house got sorted. Not fun.

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In other news, I secured a local garage for storage, a mere £8 a week so that's nice. I started to move some things into it, in order to tidy the house and get the second bedroom functional.

I found that several items are water damaged and others have mould. The carpet is soaking wet. I suspected a leak from the radiator, but tests showed it was fine.

After the rain this afternoon, I found the floor even further saturated. On investigation, watervus running off the garden, which stupidly slopes towards the house, pooling against the wall (because installing a drainage channel would have been too sensible) and then running in through a literal hole in the wall, about a centimetre wide, between two bricks.

The mould explains why the wife's lungs and allergies have been worse since we moved here. Several boxes of her crafting supplies were ruined, along with soft furnishings and other furniture, most of which is brand new.

I have little hope of getting the world's worst letting agents to cover the damage...

Because it never rains but it pours....

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Thanks Shmook.

We have a date in August for her to move on.

She’s said she doesn’t really intend to have a legal battle, she doesn’t have the money to pay for one anyway. Just a case of waiting until the new year and I can file shortly after our first anniversary. That’ll be a fun conversation!

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I had an amusing conversation with a friend on his wedding night re. consummation.  He had to briefly disappear for some reason and someone in the group joked it was related to consummation and everyone laughed except for him.  He had apparently never heard of the concept of consummation before somehow, despite him being in his mid 20s or so.  He just stood there with a puzzled look on his face whist everyone else, including his mum, aunts and uncles etc found it hilarious.  We eventually explained it to him. 

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So the coolest red dot sights are currently available only on AliExpress. Certainly nowhere near my location.

ACRO with a low RIS mount would look pretty cool on my heavily modded NotGlock, being a fairly close match for the Kang Tao smart SMG from Cyberpunk 2077, and I want a MH1 for the Tavor I managed to obtain.

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Just on autopilot every day and I just want to be turned off permanently.  Despite my state getting swept up in the mess my work is considered "essential" so I will be worked until I get infected in the end.  Been on mandatory overtime for months now and I never see the sun now or do anything when I get home.  Cannot find satisfaction in anything anymore.  Last game day I had last month I just ended up leaving early out of frustration.  Latest project of restoring an old tm p90 as an early bday present is down the drain currently due to M Trigger unit I eagerly waited for not functioning properly with either cutoff lever that I have, and in the end I just burned too much money on it all.

My folks are getting worse by the day and I just do not want to spend the next 20-40 years watching them degrade alongside the house and everything else around me as I myself am already slipping down the slope.  I just want out.

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Never okay, just keep going.  Old man now has 3 damaged disks and can hardly walk, I myself have been getting pain in left heel (likely spur) for awhile now, got new insoles to try and relieve it a bit, but just the constant 10 hours on the floor at work dragging me down so much that I hardly want to get out of bed on the weekend.  All this overtime and hard work resulted in depressing news from bosses that the holiday bonus was being sent through the payroll system instead of a live check, which meant it got taxed and 401k/healthcared deductions.  Despite getting a bigger bonus than most other employees due to my work ethic and getting my full leftover pto time paid off (they were originally offering folks 40 hours of pto paid off due to covid but no carryover hours, I had 95 hours and they were desperate to keep me from taking even my bday off), I pretty much feel like it was all for naught, as I got maybe half of my last pay period combined with both of those payments back (4+k down to 2k).  Government taxed the overtime so much it was all just pointless.  Folks are like "you should be proud at how much your employers value you. etc." but I just do not believe a word.  I cannot even bring myself to spend this "bonus" on anything for myself, as I did not get anything for my bday nor for the holidays.

Let me go on an airsoft tech rant for the last moment.  LCT, why in the world you have to make your ak air nozzle proprietary length and also *suitcasey* airseal?  None of my other nozzles come close enough in size (short ones too short, long ones too long) and I had to try and shave down the front end of a tappet plate to try and get a zci one close to same distance jutting out wise (read up on someone having to do that to get a regular length one to work).  Probably will not feed much like when I had a shs nozzle in it (or the plate will break now), but I also cannot stand having my LCT RPK not having even a basic level of consistent shots during a game.  Also fun fact, they use different units of measure for their allen key screws, some metric some imperial!

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Yeah, I guess. Just a bit weirded out - the guy was a couple of months younger than me, and I'm not quite 40 yet. Been thinking about the old school days a bit more than normal, feeling a bit crappy at how we've all lost touch...

I might feel a bit better if I knew what the cause was - illness, accident, covid...

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It's a feeling I am familiar with.
Many of my friends were smack enthusiasts at university and that has a pretty high mortality rate.

A few car accidents, household accidents, enemy activity etc.

It's hard not to feel strange when confronted by our own mortality.
Maybe you'll die tomorrow, maybe you have 60 years left in you.


Don't hold back.

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So I wasted a week because yet another store can't maintain their inventory. I got a refund for an unsuccessful WE Desert Eagle order from two shops now.

Also, finding tasteful Desert Eagle grips is an exercise in futility, and getting ones that are the right kind of tacky isn't easy either. Podbyrin-style ones would cost me two hundred bucks shipped from Turkey, for example, and that's way too much (the gun itself cost me that much!).

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I want wood grips, and due to how they wrap around the back on the DE, they're a bit hard to carve. Luckily, there are some $60 grips on Etsy, shipped from Germany, so I'll get those as soon as the gun itself arrives.

They're walnut, though, and I wanted something like rosewood or cocobolo.

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*fruitcage* me.

So the grips for my Desert Eagle should arrive tomorrow or Friday, and what I find in the Etsy store where I ordered them?



They weren't there two days ago when I ordered mine. Otherwise I'd be ordering this design resized for a Deagle. They're the right kind of tacky.

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Great. The grips are stuck in customs and the courier with the Desert Eagle is running really *fruitcage* late.

The delivery was supposed to be between 10AM and 2PM. Turns out the parcel was scanned on its way out at 11:30AM, and now the guy is four hours late. MINIMUM.

Worse yet, the deliveries go only until 7PM.

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I sent a helmet camera back for warranty replacement/repair to Sena last year, they've only just figured out how to post it back after the whole EU/UK divorce rubbish....

So the brand new 10C Pro that arrives is going back in the box and straight onto eBay :)

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