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IRC Server Problems


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lolz sounds cool did it really catch fire or were you trying to see what you could blow up with pyros or just plain shooting it with your gun? :lol:


Is it badly hit? got and pics?


Not actually sure what happened, I'm back in my native Sweden for a few weeks of vacation, but my NYC (where the server is) tech people tell me it literally caught on fire. I guess there was some sticky tape holding the cables together that got overheated or something, or perhaps the capacitors next to the CPU sockets exploded, it has happened to me before.



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I'd like to see a capacitor explode whilst still inside a server... :mellow:


Them fluffy looking bits no doubt burn in seconds... How would a capacitor get so over charged in the first place?


I blame face and all random users... ¬_¬


I remember back in my 6th form, we'd deliberately blow capacitors up just for kicks... :P It was pretty funny seeing brown fluffy stuff explode into the room after a loud bang...


ahhh.... school... what a waste of dollah

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