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Grenade Launcher Picture Thread

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That is the best Zombie Killer I've ever seen. I'd personally lose the shorty stock for something retractable, but otherwise, very nice :D


Not sure what a Zombie Killer is, but the gun posted is a custom G&P gun with a First Factory strike face, TM barrel set and rail system, TM, systema, guarder built mechbox.


Regarding the buttstock, I wanted this gun compact for room clearing, putting a standard M-4 buttstock would make it too long for my liking. The buttstock also contains a 9.6/4200 battery so, putting a M-4 buttstock is out of the question.


Also, forgot to add these (not grenade launchers, but launchers non-the less)...



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TCB, I would also suggest buying new fill valves from Madbull if you're going for the Pro Arms POM shells. I got a 3-pack of them, and while sometimes they seem to be ok, sometimes they leak. In fact, on one of them it just empties all of the gas straight out of the fill valve as soon as I take the propane bottle away. But Madbull sells steel fill valves for $10, with free shipping in the US.

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