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Grenade Launcher Picture Thread

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CAW M203 with a modified CASV Vltor front end and a Vltor mod stock She will get a new coat of paint and some optics in time. Considering changing out the pistol grip for a houge once I mod a replacement safety spring guide. Once the boddy work is finished she will get re-coated in Duracoat Vltor FDE and some optics.







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This coming from the guy who lugs around a CA M249 w/ DTG kit and a revolving grenade launcher..... If only the tubes were long enough to fit XMpb4s and nerf rounds instead of loading the nerfs one at a time....



pkekyo-nor nice AG36 does it make the g36 front end heavy?

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My latest acquisitions:






Bought a couple of 'nade launchers recently. A rare JAC M203 Short for my WE M4, and a G&P M203 Long with heat shield for my WE M16.

And now the eternal question... to paint, or not to paint the short handguard in pink. But if so; what spraypaint to use?

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Here is your heatshield. Searching through the larger asian retailers should really be common practice. But the only reason I bought the G&P heatshield is because I got a great deal for the entire package. If I had to buy the parts separately I would buy a real M203 heatshield, since they usually cost less than the G&P one.
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