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Grenade Launcher Picture Thread

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Thanks, and yes. Back when I used an M203 I would fill an S-Thunder shell with mixed weight BBs and a dash of red powder, using masking tape to hold it all in. That loud blast was a lot of fun, and I always wanted a multi-shot but the high cost of a launcher plus six shells (and the dubious practicality) put me off the idea.


I've also ordered four kinds of foam rockets to test. Not that I've ever personally seen a successful rocket attack in a game, but shooting stuff into the air is always fun.

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but shooting stuff into the air is always fun.


Aaaand welcome to my world. We have HPA rigs and PVC launchers for rent at our field and since I'm close with the owners I always am offered to take one out for a game or two no charge. Never hit anyone but I just love watching Nerf stuff fly across the plains.

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Thanks hammer. I've used the launcher several times and it's still functioning perfectly--the only thing better than the boom of a C02 paintball shell is six CO2 paintball shells!


I ordered them from P-X; since then tiger111hk and crw-airsoft have listed them too.


Quick update on these shells: Not worth the savings unless I can find a cheap replacement fill valve. Two more have failed since I got them; the little pin is just pressed in and seems to fall out easily.

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