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No, it's not alright!


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I love it when you go in KFC and say 'A Coke please', and they have to reply 'You mean Pepsi?'


Ok, so you're in a pub/fast food joint/whatever, and you ask for a Coke. And because of the fear of litigation if they sell something under false pretences ( :rolleyes: ), they ask if Pepsi/Virgin Cola/cat urine is ok. And we all say yes, because we knew they don't actually have Coke, but it's become the accepted generic term for a cola beverage. My question is this:




Will they run out and get you a Coke? Will they throw you out? Maybe the universe will explode. So, has anyone actually said "That's not good enough. I demand proper Coca-Cola, and I am not leaving until I get it!" And what happened?

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Yes, disturbing. dafool's are more disturbing though - what's with Mr. Man-Boobs? ;)


Thats a result of drinking pepsi, its like smoking, only the price you pay for it is far greater. All cans of pepsi should have warning labels on them like smokes do


"Warning: May turn you into Dafool, for Gods sake your a young man, don't do it! Noooooooo!!!!!!!"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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