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WA Shorty GBB

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Hehe, so now you've learned your lesson about green gas and the silver Shorty .40 (or any WA gun for that matter). I had owned the same gun awhile back and did exactly what you've done. The notch was worn down, but it still held the slide back. I've only fired about 7 rounds before noticing the problem, so it wasn't as severe as yours. Overall it's a very beautiful gun.

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I've been using my KSC USP compact with plastic slide on green gas, and I was thinking the slide catch slot would be the weakest point of the slide. :P Mine hasn't chipped off completely, but the corner's been chipped off a bit (though it doesn't seem likely the whole thing would be broken off). If the plastic slide broke, it'd be a good reason to get metal slide. :P

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Hey guys,

I actually brought the gun & did all the testing about 4 years ago & put all the details on paper & only recently bothered to write a review.


It really concerns me that 'certain' UK retailers condone the use of green gas in their guns & sell mainly green gas. They seem to think that Western Arms guns 'love it' but standard slides & chambers on infinitys & 1911 variants wear down so bloody quickly with green gas.

Why do they do this? :unsure:

Wolf armouries used to sell almost only green gas but now they warn people about it.

Even major Hong Kong suppliers such as RedWolf not so long ago had notes on their website saying that the gun was HFC22 ready or was able to take this gas.

If you look at the site now not many guns are so ready to take green gas.

Ive got full metal guns that are a bit worn using green gas.


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Hey, good to have a decent review of the best airsoft GBB around (yup, my personal favourite too... ;) )!


As a side note: I have black HW version, which has been digesting Green Gas for three years, without a sign of wear. A year ago I retired my piece for decorative use only (because the piece is just too darn handsome to take out on the field and put through heavy skirmishing!), but it´s still in perfect condition.


I´m not suggesting that everyone should go out and pick some Green gas for their WA Shorties, but I personally haven´t had any problems with it. Also, bear in mind that in my neighbourhood climate is relatively cold & dry for gas guns, which also affects the durability & performance with stronger airsoft gasses. HFC134a is just too sluggish and weak for most game situtations around here.

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