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UZI Picture Thread

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Here is my 5 year old TM UZI now with some scratches









Can anyone tell me the difference (besides co² and normal gas use) between the WA mini uzi and the kwc mini uzi? Or is it just the same gun with different mechanism?

I just ordered myself a kwc mini uzi



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I reckon the two guns are the same externally: both mini Uzis with 25rd mags.


And to add to the list, I've just recently upgraded my Uzi with optics.



I had to make the mount from scratch myself since I didn't want to drill holes on my top cover. PVC + segment of an M4 top rail = Uzi side mounted rail


The engraved "UZI SMG" literally took an hour of nervous dremelling!

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Well, this bums me out. I guess Tm decided to trick me into an LPEG. NOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs

*enters blackhole*




*re thinks and takes AK into blackhole!*


how'd you figure that one out? only the shell is plastic, so are STAR guns and theyre not LPEGs

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