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UZI Picture Thread

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Yup I know thats probly not possible on a gearbox but these are blowback. ;) I've had mine at 81rps to be exact. This was with an extremely short stroked bolt and running external co2 at around 200ish psi.


If you just took out the full auto cut off then you probly have around 25rps maybe closer to 30. If you short stroke it moderately you get around 35rps. If you really short stroke it you can get it doing 54rps almost 60 on the internal co2. If you want faster than that you need to increase the psi.


With the steel plates on the bolt, no short stroking, and no extra recoil springs i can get around 5-7rps. :P

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Thought the devoties might like to see my TM Uzi ............


As has been discussed previously, internals are stock, although I may extend the inner barrel up to 369mm-400mm shortly.








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Here is my JAC UZI Nu Classic. Unfortuatly it is not working as it is leaking from inside. It has a bolt that you can open when you pull back the charging handle and it can go foward when you pull the trigger but it still is a non blowback gun but runs on co2 externally.






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...becuase it's got my old sterling barrel jacket on it. I have to say, looks awesome! very old school.

I sold my uzi a while ago and now i'm missing it :(



Thank you - yes, it's a sterling front end, with an aftermarket (KM, iirc) wood stock on the back.


Have mod'd it again since then ............




Side mount mag is purely cosmetic sadly, but looks 'right' for WW2 skirmishes (MP18/28-ish) and can hold a 9.6v AA-celled battery pack B)

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You are not permitted access to the sales sub-forum with less than 100 posts.


Forum rules also say you cant sell anywhere other than the sales sub-forum.


whos selling anything?


besides thats a really silly rule, i've been a member for 2.5 years and cant access the sales forum, its not right...

the rule should be 100 posts or 1 year + member whichever happens to come first... its ridiculous...

but w/e lets see some more pics...

has anyone fit a wood stock onto the zeke kit?

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