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forum arcades?


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suprised nobody's said anything about this but it'll probably mean a ###### load of work for mr.Arn to do but it's basically lots of java games where all the members here can challenge each other and hit the ranking list and see which of us is best at certain games.


i've been on americas army tracker and they've got that. and the face of mankind forums have that too...


links here:

AA tracker arcade page? (donnow if you need to be logged in to see it)

fom arcade (same here too, if you need to be logged in to see those pages, i'll submit screenshots of them)


and basically from what i've got from speaking to a few of the moderators on those forums it's kinda cut down a bit of spam because it keeps players busy spamming each other's inbox with challenges to certain games and actually busy playing those games instead of going 'hmm... what shall i put in this spam thread/post?'



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i can see someing whor**g the arcade forum just to hit top score and hold it lol


ooh nice arnie... so you plop that onto the forums and it'll work? *am shocked*


thought it's just codes that you can am teh stole's and stick it on here or sommat. (or that's what uni students do for their interweb projects anyway and change a lil bit :P )


i choose curve ball as a game :P i hope you like. it is nice. i like...

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Battleships will get my vote.


Otherwise, yeh, it's a good idea.


EDIT: Or we can just post a link on the main page to the most addictive thing I've ever seen, also known as ''Hell of Sand''.


It's just so damn ... addictive.


(Runs to site)

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I think an arcade is a wonderful idea. Then i can get more high scores in tetris :D Look at these pics of my high scores. Don't belive the pics? heres a link http://forum.osnn.net/arcade.php (you have to be signed in tho) ok im done bragin.


If an arcade is made tho please be sure to include tetris. but not that god awful miniclip version with the earbleading, cancer causing music, and bad game play.



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