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Glock Picture Thread

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Okay, couldn't see a Glock thread, so thought i'd start one up. I guess most Glocks look the same! but get posting anyway :)


I'll start off by posting my old TM Glock 17 springer, which recently got stolen when my flat was burgled :( The ejection port was originally black, i sprayed it silver one day when i was bored.


Im waiting on a Glock 18C arriving now and i'll get some pictures of that up when it arrives :D





I can post a picture of my Glock 17 blank firer which i've customised ever so slightly if anyone wants to see?

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McMadkat - nice pictures, i like the first one best, nicely composed shot :) Whereabout in Scotland are you? just moved down to Liverpool from Edinburgh myself.


Cruxed - Cool shot aswell, where did you get the rubber grips about? thinking about getting some for my 18C when it arrives.


Keep 'em coming :)

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This is just like making a "lets see your stock M4 pics" thread...


Silver slide, silver barrel, black slide, black barrel...that's it...


No offence, but if you dont like it, dont bother looking and then complaining about it. I like seeing other's pictures, even if they are of more or less the same gun, i appreciate photography and now and again some really nice shots come up like Catchv22 said.


Dragoondark - nice pictures, bit blurry though! Whats happened to the trademarks on the gun? maybe its just my eyes lol looks like they've been melted or have something stuck over them?

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sorry bout the pictures, am gonna take some more after i deide how am gonna paint my slide. The trademarks are removed, filled out, because of us import laws


edit: oh and antagon u forgot about m3 and m6 taclights and lazers :blink:

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Hey 5thElement, it is a insight M3 tactical illumiator.... originally priced as £150 but I got mine off the 'sales' part of the forums for £60.....BARGAIN again..


There are replicas out there (link) for about £60 aswell..


anyway, as you requested...










The last two has a RIS block mounted on it and you can put you mag on the end and it acts as a handle.....

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