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Glock Picture Thread

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It's... It's so big!

And balck.....




On a serious note, Nice Glock! :)


i suppose i should fess up that i have a TM glock 17L to :P...


Well i do like em big


*waits for homo jokes*


ALSO its lasted me just under a year with no problems whatso ever apart from the valve from a second hand mag blew, got replaced and still going 100%

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The Glock 19 I have is technically my brother's. He moved down to Venice and left it with us, so I painted the frame OD and upgraded the recoil spring/guide.


Personally, I'd much rather have the Glock 19. It's a nice alternative to my huge SOCOM. It's a small handgun, but it still fits my hand pretty well.


Either way, they both cost the same. It basically comes down to wanting a long(er) pistol, or a short(er) pistol.

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Oh my god, I'm actually gonna have to post in the Glock thread soon (and after all my rants about `angular oven lighters` too :rofl: ).


I'll have 3 by end of play tomorrow, I'm so looking forward to getting the last one :D So this is total spamming, I know, but I'm reminding myself to gets pics! ;)


Wouldn't people like to see a bit more variation on the Glock design though? Seeing as I have a history of knocking them down I'm gonna try for a little constructive criticism here - the slide design could do with maybe a rounder-topped variant perhaps? Just a thought.

After all the variants from Glock, the only difference s between ALL of them are size (standard variation really, no ingenuity there) and vents or ports in the barrel.


Okay, so there's a hybrid slide variant too (is it the 32C??) but that's hardly innovative.

I'm coming round to Glocks I must admit, but maybe the designers could sex it up a bit with the next models - Whaddya guys think?

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