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I dig the mp5 but the ak looks too weather. but, I know, you're basing it off ones you saw in egypt so I won't argue.


lol yeah that old chestnut. horses for courses. its good because its a gun i can just throw on the ground and leave it there for a while, drag it through puddles and stuff knowing it will look better at the end of the day hahaha.

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it used to be just your average famas...


mid project:






also put in metal bushings, m120, and some new gears. scope and lazer missing.




Looks Nice Man

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Stock CA M15




To this SWAT look, which i alternate too sometimes still.




To this Set up with a PEQ and regular stock, and aimpoint and mount




To this set up, CQB stock (no more PEQ) tightbore barrel, new aimpoint and mount, real KAC vert grip, single point sling mount, and now a Colt G&P body on the way.




Milspec for the win

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Thread revival!


I started with this generic M4A1 ...




... went RIS and added a hand-me-down scope ...




... rolled with this for a while, but had a lot of problems with the motor due to the grip ...




... and have finally ended up with this ...




... thus far. It's changing again soon (not well funded enough to have more than one base M4 to work with). Maybe this time it'll be more milspec, we'll see! :D

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counterassassin, is that black SVD furniture a realsteel set?  Do the SVD's accept them without much modification?




Yup, that's the real deal ;) To make it fit, you need to have a Dremel at hand, and grind of abit of metal to make it fit. But when it does fit, it's rock solid!

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Stock TM G36c




To erm, whatever this is g36 is...



G36 Army Code Body, Pins & Cocking Handle

Laylex Hi Grip

G&P G36 Sniper Style Folding Buttstock

Nitro.Vo Rail Handguard for G36

G&P Full Length G36 Barrel

Star C-Mag With battery Mod

Replica Aimpoint With Blue Dot

King Arms Vert Grip

Some Cheap'o Tac Light That Doesnt Work



510mm 6.04mm KM inner barrel

Systema High Speed Gears

Systema High Speed Motor

Systema Silent Piston Head Set

Systema 1J Spring

Systema Metal Bushings

TM Piston (swizz cheesed)

Rewired with thicker wires to the rear

CA Hop Unit





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:rolleyes: yeah, ive got a G&P Scorpion Series R500 RAS Tactical Light for when i actually need a light.


I was using an un-named battery 8.4v 2000mah, but ive just bought one of these - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/8-4v-NiMH-4300mAh-Re...oQQcmdZViewItem - Might look *suitcasey* but they give a very good ROF for an 8.4v and they seem to last long time too :D Nearly bought one of the G&P special ones for that stock, but they were out of stock from wgc when i was going to buy.


I wish i heard your g36 with the 12v and high speed set up on sunday, just the spec's sound awesome.

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You can whack some rounds through it next time I'm down if you like.

To be honest the setup isn't that fast (excluding the battery) it's just got very little trigger delay, your setup on my battery would obviously be faster. Just give it time and more £££.




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Rise for the grave!!! :D



Stock CA G36K








Drache. Please ignore the silencer it is no longer there.

TGS Flip-up Sights w/Long Rail, G&P 30mm AimPoint, Guarder Rails, CA Folding Vert-grip, Hogue Grip, PDI 170% Spring, Area 1000 Poly-Piston Head, Systema 363mm 6.04mm barrel, Systema Bucking

Currently shooting 405FPS w/.25g ;)

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From a second hand Standard ICS M4(Tell me who the previous owner was)


To some sort of an Mk18. I need a new Silencer and a BUIS but here it is.


The Ziptie was to keep my mate from messing with my stock. He's got really long arms...

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