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Gas Gun/AEG/ Etc Forum Divisions

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This isn't so much a suggestion as a query. I've always been curious why a site as big as Arnie's, and as seemingly popular, never bothered to divide its "General Airsoft Discussion" into the more commonly seen GBB/AEG/Classic/Springer sub-forums typically seen on many other sites. While some places seem to have gone overboard in that regard (ASR) it seems like it would be helpful at keeping active topics on the front page longer.


And besides, I like secluding myself in the GBB section and being entirely closed minded about AEGs and everything else in the airsoft world. Its hard to do that here ;)

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Hmm... the way I envisioned it was as its own little block of forums, seperate from General and technical, though that might indeed be a bit of an overlap. Maybe I'll have to actually poke my head into the Technical forum and see what all the hub-bub is about in there.

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I personally don't see a problem with the way things are. If there is to be a division between types, it might be better in the Technical area.


The General Discussion area is just that - General. New models, guns people want, questions about BBs, clothing, retailers and accessories. The lines between AEG and GBB, etc... here are blurred at best. In the Technical section however, most posts are questions about a specific bit of kit, so the "type" division may work. I don't see that this forum gets enough posts to warrant it at the moment though.


Just my 2 pence worth ;)

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