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1911 Picture Thread

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Is there a particular model that's your fave? I've only got one Colt pistol but in the past i've had Colt Pythons, Colt Government 1911 and a Colt Delta Elite and i can honestly say that the 1991 a1 model is my favourite so far (purely because the others had tiny stick-like magazines.)

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Beautiful piece marcus, is that arsoft or real steel (hoping its airsoft)




It's airsoft, of course :lol:


The real-steel comes with a black plunger tube, which I guess I will install if I find a spare, also a FLGR but I like bushing setup better for such a classic-looking pistol :)


If you look closely on the right-hand side of the frame, you'll see "COLT'S PT FA MFG CO HARTFDORD, CONN, USA", since I used a Shooters 1911A1 frame and milled off the tangs by the grip safety to fit the beavertail. Sheriff frames seem to be next to impossible to come by these days!


The real-steel also has "Will fire with magazine removed" rollmarked on the left hand dustcover... the airsoft obviously won't :lol:



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The SW1911 started its life (mostly) as a WA Striker Standard, the thin, flat contact area of the slide stop is a dead giveaway as a WA Wilson.


Here is a parts list:

  • Shooter's Design 1911A1 frame, contoured tangs to fit beavertail
  • Prime SW1911 slide
  • Guarder/IS Barsto chamber
  • Sheriff 5" barrel + bushing
  • Slide stop, beavertail, grip safety, (polished) bushing from WA Striker Standard
  • Trigger, hammer, sear from WA Striker Standard
  • Hogue Pau Ferro grips (got the same with SW medallion on order)
  • Guarder/IS upgraded recoil, hammer spring & extended firing pin
  • Wilson sights (as on original SW1911) pilfered from aforementioned Striker Standard


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Here is my most prized possession:




WA M1911A1 SCW with PGC Metal slide & frame, plus upgraded recoil & hammer springs.


Used to have an older Para Ordnance Magna P14, and before that the Hi-Cap Limited but they don't have pictures hosted right now.


I've also got this, though it is not strictly airsoft:




Old MGC shell ejecting cap gun. I bet it will be a lot of fun once I finally get some caps for it.


Bunch more shots of my guns and the guns I've owned in the past can be found at:


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Your gun looks great Marcus, so how much money did you end up spending on your S&W???


Probably much more than healthy! :D


To be honest, I have no idea... I've pretty much determined that the SW1911-project is finished and moved on, though. As soon as DHL manages to find its way to my house I'll post some pics of the new project :)



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2 images below was taken on a day of new playing grounds recon:






below, me and my Vreaker 12 :P



below, me again now with a little less beard ;)



2 pics of my previousg handgun, a Para-Ordnance Combat Plus




guess that'll do for now :)

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I have a bad relationship with 1911 - when I get one I either don't like it (WA 1911 IED) or it breaks (WA Para Ord).


Still, all these 1911s are almost making me cream with delight. Almost. ^_^


1911, all of your guns are truly gorgeous to look at, but which one is the nicest to fire? And not to go off-topic but what do you think of the Hi-Capa 5.1 compared to the rest?

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