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1911 Picture Thread

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Not quite a drop in fit. I has to file the part which blocks the sear, as it was too long for me to even insert it into the gun.


How hard was the job? Only the sear-related portion had to be filed, the pin portion fits properly by default? I'd rather file a flat bit than a round post. And do you think one can pull it off with a file, or would a Dremmel be required?

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This thing is pretty modded. It is a TM/WE hybrid using the WE slide and gas chamber, TM outer barrel, hopup unit, and KN tight bore barrel, and Nine ball hammer, guarder hammer and recoil springs, and RS Kimber warrior grips.


Carrom extended guide rod is on its way.


The lower frame was also modified to use a beaver tail from a TM Hicapa.



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My new custom TM 1911






Parts include:

Nineball Metal Threaded Outer Barrel,

Delta Force Silencer

Nineball 6.03 inner barrel

Nineball recoil spring and guide,

Nineball Air Seal,

and soon to be fitted is a Nineball Dyna Piston.





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Agent 47 is using hi-cap 1911's, most likely Para Ord's.



Those are bog-standard Para 18*9, 9mm, single action, double stack guns. The only spottable difference with 14*45 is the rear adjustable sight.

Not a bad choice, but I'd rather use .45 if I had to take a 1911. Para-Ord is certainly a good choice.

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ok pro's got a quicke question for you, hitman currently has a gun of mine, which is completly stock, cant remeber if it was a marsoc or TLE, or a hybrid of the 2, either way, its only getting about 5 shots on a full mag of green or 134a, so, im guessing this to be related to the BBU, but im not convinced, anything else that would cause gas efficiency this ###### poor??

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