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1911 Picture Thread

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Big R/Small R - This refers to the Radius of the Stirrup cut on the recoil spring housing of the slide -

i.e. ; the curvature from the nose (after the straight bit) down to the point

where it would meet the end of the dustcover on the frame.




awesome. ."stirrup cut" ( I had no idea of the terminology/anatomy) thanks for the correction. .I'm so lame...

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Hehe, don't worry, I'm happy to help :)


Just for the record, I had never heard people in real gun circles refer to the radius of the cut as "big R/ little R" - it's only when the metal slides for WA's started coming out of HK (DEN were first if I recall) that I first heard it said and assumed it was a colloquialism!


I should have added that last night but had a case of 'tired brain needs sleep' :Zzz:

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Here is my 1911, after painful hours of grinding and figuring out what's wrong here it is.


That's the 1911 how it was when I got it :




And here it is now, with the obvious Safariland :










Enjoy !

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nice spur hammer, but the grip safety/trigger combo is not to my liking.. to each their own I say, but a flat silver trigger would look so much nicer IMO.




I actually like the Goverment style trigger the best.... I had a PDI flat trigger on my TM 1911 before and I wound up putting the stock one back on





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I apologize to the 1911 purist and the guns collector but personally I'm an airsoft player. I want my guns to be efficient and how I like them to be. It's true the paintjob could have been better but my guns are meant to be used and abused when needed, opposed to being models for pics. They do that just fine for me and I know it won't be collecting any dust in my possession. ;)


Funny story about the Surefire is that I looked for one everywhere for months and I ended up seeing a guy who posted pics of a 1911 a few years ago and he had the 310r installed on him so I messaged him asking him to sell it to me. I ended up paying a big price for it, my friend saw it was jealous and started looking. He found one for half the price I paid mine, just dumb luck and he ended up never installing it and reselling it for the same price.

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here's the redwolf thing your brother is probably talking about:



its out of stock, but its just a marui 1911 with a guarder metal kit and some upgraded springs, so you can easily recreate it. i think the 1911s in sin city were silver tho, but that might have just been the black and white that made em look that way.

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