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I've been looking for a long guide rod for my MEU for a while. I want the X-fire long recoil spring guide set with the plug, guide, and recoil spring guide thingie that goes in the middle of the set. Will it fit my MEU that uses a bushing, or it only for bushingless 1911's? And is th eonly place I can order this from the X-fire website?

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The X-Fire sets are all for bushing 1911s (all bushing less ones have long recoil guides). There should be no problem fitting it, but I have never tried. The only place I have personally seen those sets was X-Fire.


Another option that would work it the WA stock parts. Den and WGC carry them in both silver and black. They are complete, drop in fits.

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its far from finished and the threaded barrel still needs some work as it was about 1/4 inch too short and thus i have a spacer to bring the silencer out to where it needs to be. I also had to shorten the guide rod by about 1/4 inch as it didnt clear the silencer initially.


I plan on putting a custom 23 to 26 cm inner barrel with a high flow valve and some other goodies like a steel chamber and possibly a custom barrel since the Power Edge aluminum one is to short.





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that's a WE?? wow :blink:


how are they? can u give a quick review? i want a full metal 1911 REALLY bad (was watching BHD. lol).


plz plz plz. short and sweet review?







does the paint come off like other WE's?

is the gun "solid" (none of that "shaky" feelings of the dragons"

how much



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My WE 1911 has the 'shaky' feeling you're describing. I have the "tactical'/modern model, but it's close enough to the Gov A1 model since you seem interested in that.

Performance isn't bad..it's a hard hitter, weight's good, and size is like your standard 1911. Paint will wear off on the edges of some parts (like the safety lever and slide lock) eventually. At some places, you can get the A1 gov model for $100. It's not a bad gun, but it can be finicky. There's usually a solution to these quirks, but for the price...you can't beat it.

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Yeah I would look for a Kimber TLE/RL II (which were SCW2) and buy real steel Gunner's for it. The SCW3 guns (which the Warrior is) are just not that stable for green gas use.


Edit: That also looks like a MARSOC, not a Warrior.

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