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1911 Picture Thread

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Sweeet! Though Delta Elite is only Magna Tech it is said to be a real good piece of WA-gun.


With metal body this thing will defenitly rock


It's not WA it's a TM 1911 with the PGC Delta Elite metal kit. ;)


Very nice Pasch. Post pics when you get the new parts :)



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Oh, sorry. My fault. The review text said, technically it's not different to other WAs, but somehow it has something more accurate to it … and in the intro it says SCW … so … Sam :rocket:


Oh, TM? Cool. Must be an excellent piece of airsoft. This PGC kits look outstanding.

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I would like to see some more J-Armory based pistols? I thought they had some 1911 variants?

Like those here:J-Armory on WA's webpage




Yeah, I´d like to see those too. It´s interesting, not too many Hongkong retailer even stocks them. For example, I haven´t seen that silver "Professional" model anywhere, not WGC, not DEN, not Guns´n´Guys... Altough it´s been on J-Armory "section" at WA´s website for some time already.

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You think so? Beautiful 1911. But Pachmayrs, nice micarta or checkered wood grips would fit this model way better. But as with everything else in life this is only a question of taste. And Hogues are supposed to be excellent grips in action …


I should take some pictures of my Kimber equiped with checkered wood grips …

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Holy sh******t !!! :o:o:o


Krame, you're WE is gorgeous !


I wanted to install a Pachmayr American Legend grip on mine too... but I'm actually a little low on money :D



Here's mine :




Nothing very special : WE M1911A1 Tactical with polished parts (trigger, hammer, plug and barrel bushing) and a Tanio Koba twisted hop barrel installed.

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Thanks guys. I think I've seen uiksilver6184's WE, isn't it the one thats fully polished with american legend grips aka hitman style.



good job almost reminds me of the Springfield Armory's "Black Beauty"s  SPhg_story12A_544.jpg


lol, I got my inspiration from those SA guns. Anybody think I should polish the frame too like the Springfield Trophy match guns.

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