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1911 Picture Thread

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Oh, sweet, the dark Detonics grips look as hot as the red wood ones. I like the two Kimbers especially. Never have seen, someone produces slides vor the ultracompact 1911s?

What brand are the Kimber slides?


Well, WE mixed up with the size, if I get this correctly. It seems to be a full size frame in length with the shorter grip of a commander, while the once with Kimber slides seem to be proper sized officer models. But I'm not absolutely shure. The grip of the Kimber one with the red wood grip seems to be officer short slide on a commander frame, as the grip seems longer compared to the dual tone Kimber one … or is it just an optical illusion because of the grip checkering? Would not care anyway and immediately take both of them though ;)

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Nice LedPocket. Can we get some close-ups of the Ultra Carry?


How was the MBK install on that one? I heard the newer Prime kits don't require as much fitting...


EDIT: Is it just me, or is the finish on the Ultra Carry a bit more matte then the CDP?


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Correct on the matte-ness. The new UC2 is extremely matte. It appears to be lightly sandblasted prior to anodize. This results in leaving a bit of skin on the parts when you handle them.


The fitting went very well. The slide was tight, but the rest went together without needing any filing/fitting. As opposed to the cdp which required a bit of polish for almost every part.


Another nice touch was the grip bushings are threaded for real steel bushings. The R/S Chip McCormick ultra slim grips installed effortlessly.


Also redesigned is the housing that holds the slidestop/saftey detents. Instead of pushing straight on, it now uses a push and slide type affair with slots and wings. Very nice.


On both I used WA ser80 officers. That required a bushing for the safety (the rod is a smaller diameter that the hole in the kit) and slicing a channel in the slide stop so it can catch the slide on an empty mag.


I'll get some better pics in the next couple days. For now you'll have to make do with these:












edit: I forgot, the other mods on both were to shorten the inner barrel, construct a new inner barrel bushing, and fab up new spring guide rods. The ser80 uses the super short rod out of the box.

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hey kiki jiki how is the gas efficiency with that metal slide? i want to get a tm 1911 with a metal slide soon, hopefully my hicapa will sell soon. of topic but will the hicapa inner barrel fit in the tm 1911? or do they use diffent cut barrels?


and because its a picture thread:



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hey kiki jiki how is the gas efficiency with that metal slide? i want to get a tm 1911 with a metal slide soon, hopefully my hicapa will sell soon.


Well, seeing as how it was about 35 degrees (F) when I shot it....not too great. But it really wasn't bad. In better weather I'm sure it'll actually be pretty good for a single stack magazine.


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Where did you get that hogue grip?


I bought them of someone who couldn't use them.

But like snowman said, hogue grips are easily to be found in the us. It's like finding a pizza at wallmart.

(who knows maybe they have hogue grips as well. :D )

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