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Some pictures of my WE M1911 with another I'm working on... I mixed and matched all of the parts for a couple of two toned pistols, now I think I'm going to paint some of my parts when I'm finished working on the other guys gun.










I'm thinking I might paint the slide and controls black again, or perhaps gunmetal or something and leave the frame bare... any suggestions?



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How do you find the Caspian parts? Do they compare to the newer gen of Prime kits, like the Hardballer?


They are indeed of the previous generation without the nice-ities (stems instead of slots on plunger tube, radius had to be filed on the back of the slide for the hammer etc), but fit and finish was good and I certainly didn't experience any out of spec parts on this kit, which is always the big worry).




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There you go:

4013 with the Detonics.


A "compact" 9mm made to look fat and ungainly by a .45...


Detonics with the MK23


The MK23 is just ridiculous, yes it has a bigger mag capacity but good god. It's huge.


Detonics porn:


Prime Browning MKIII in the background


Arm and a leg?

Yes, I'm frightened to work it out but I have 6 mags for them so we are looking at about 900 quid so far, once they are finished the pair of them would go in the now dead 1K club.



Detonics combat masters

SD: classic upper

classic lower

classic barrel


Nine ball Recoil rods

PDI: Plug


6.01 barrel

Guarder recoil spring

Polished original grip safety thing and plunger tube



Stainless Steel safety

Stainless Steel Slide stop

Black steel MSH

Hammer spring

Black steel rear sight


None of those are out yet


Stainless RS mag release

RS pachmayr classic grips

On back order.


No messing, I have been waiting to be able to build these since I got into airsoft.

These are my absolute favourite RS weapons, no exceptions. They will be built with love.



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4013 with the Detonics.

A "compact" 9mm made to look fat and ungainly by a .45...


How aye man 4013, the clue's in the name .40 S & W not 9mm. :D


Lovely guns, you need to get a twin horizontal shoulder rig for them. HOw much did they cost you?


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Well, .40 is 10 and a bit and the frame is the same size as the 9mm frame.

But yes, I made a boo boo.


Cost, well I'm sacred but about £900 for both.

I might get the double alessi on the go, in a while when the guns are finished.


It will look the dog's danglies.

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I will probably run the Detonics on red gas if the piston head can cope with it, that'll sort it out.


They absolutely love the stuff. I can actually empty a mag on red. If I wasn't so worried about breaking a piston that I can't replace yet, I would only shoot mine on red.

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